Chapter 2.26


2.26.010    Deaths to be reported to coroner’s office.

2.26.020    Coroner to make jurisdictional determination.

2.26.030    Fee for autopsy reports.

2.26.010 Deaths to be reported to coroner’s office.

All deaths over which the coroner has jurisdiction as identified in RCW 27.44.055 or 68.50.010 shall be immediately reported to the office of the Kitsap County coroner.

(Ord. 572 (2019) § 1, 2019: Ord. 121 (1988) § 1, 1988)

2.26.020 Coroner to make jurisdictional determination.

Upon receiving the notification specified in Section 2.26.010, the coroner shall as soon as practicable determine whether to assume jurisdiction under the authority of RCW 68.50.010.

(Ord. 121 (1988) § 2, 1988)

2.26.030 Fee for autopsy reports.

The office of the Kitsap County coroner may recover an administrative fee to cover the costs associated with the provision of investigative reports to non-family members. The fee shall be $25.00 per report.

(Ord. 423 (2009), 2009)