Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Adoption.

13.04.020    Actions consistent with plan accepted.

13.04.030    Engineer to review plans.

13.04.010 Adoption.

The board accepts, approves and adopts the Comprehensive Water and Sewerage Plans for Kitsap County, Washington, 1970, as supplemented and amended for the Kingston community with respect to sewers and as supplemented and amended by the addition of a financial section as the Kitsap County Water and Sewerage General Plan and as an element of the comprehensive plan for the physical development of Kitsap County. Copies of the plan as supplemented and amended are on file in the office of the clerk of the board of supervisors and incorporated by this reference in this chapter.

(Res. 201-1971 § 1, 1971)

13.04.020 Actions consistent with plan accepted.

All actions taken by the board of county commissioners or by other officers of the county consistent with the county water and sewerage general plan accepted in Section 13.04.010, approved and adopted, including the formation of Utility Local Improvement District No. 3 and the holding of the assessment roll hearing relating thereto, and all proceedings held pursuant thereto, are ratified and approved.

(Res. 201-1971 § 2, 1971)

13.04.030 Engineer to review plans.

A professional engineer in the department of community development is established as the engineer designated to review water or sewer district general comprehensive plans, and any amendments to, alterations of, or additions to such plans.

(Ord. 290 (2002) § 5, 2002: Res. 130-1981, 1981)