Chapter 14.08


14.08.010    Definitions.

14.08.020    Name.

14.08.030    Purpose.

14.08.040    Inspection.

14.08.050    Fees established by resolution.

14.08.060    (Repealed)

14.08.010 Definitions.

The following term shall be defined as follows: “Periodic” means inspected annually for code compliance.

(Ord. 167 (1994) § 1, 1994)

14.08.020 Name.

This chapter shall be known as the “fire marshal’s commercial inspection program.”

(Ord. 167 (1994) § 2, 1994)

14.08.030 Purpose.

The purpose of the fire marshal’s commercial inspection program is to provide a method to meet increased service demands, as the county continues to grow, by providing resources to meet legally mandated fire code enforcement, in compliance with the Washington State Fire Protection Policy Board and the fire protection master plan for building and fire code enforcement for local jurisdictions.

(Ord. 167 (1994) § 3, 1994)

14.08.040 Inspection.

The Kitsap County department of community development fire marshal’s office is authorized to conduct or enter into interlocal agreements with fire districts, departments or authorities as are mutually beneficial to conduct inspections of commercial occupancies, buildings and premises in Kitsap County to ensure compliance with the International Fire Code, as now or hereafter amended.

The fire marshal shall determine the frequency of inspections based on the hazards associated with each type of occupancy.

(Ord. 552 (2018) § 27, 2018: Ord. 464 (2010) § 31, 2010: Ord. 167 (1994) § 4, 1994)

14.08.050 Fees established by resolution.

Kitsap County building permit fees shall be established, and may be modified, by resolution. The resolution shall include all building permit fees for the department of community development. The public participation process for adopting fees by resolution shall include a public hearing before the Kitsap board of county commissioners for any proposed change. Fees established or modified by resolution shall occur during scheduled Kitsap County annual and/or quarterly supplemental budget updates.

(Ord. 440 (2009) § 21, 2009: Ord. 167-B (1997) § 1, 1997: Ord. 167 (1994) § 5, 1994)

14.08.060 (Repealed)*

*    Editor’s Note: Former Section 14.08.060, “Reinspection,” was repealed by § 22 of Ord. 440 (2009). Section 6 of Ord. 167 (1994) was formerly codified herein.