Chapter 2.06


2.06.010    Position created.

2.06.020    Duties and responsibilities.

2.06.010 Position created.

The position of public works director is hereby created. The position shall be filled by appointment of the mayor and shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor. [Ord. 846 § 1, 2002.]

2.06.020 Duties and responsibilities.

Under the direction of the mayor or his or her designee, the public works director shall provide overall management and leadership to the public works department personnel; plan, organize, schedule, direct, and control all activities of the public works department including water, street, park and port, storm drainage and possibly wastewater treatment. The public works director shall also be accountable for the proper repair, maintenance, and construction of the town’s streets, storm drainage system, water system, rights-of-way, street-ends, parks, playfields, landscaped areas, and town-owned buildings. The public works director is also responsible for developing and tracking the annual public works department budget, seeking project funds through grant applications and ensuring efficient and economical use of departmental funds. The public works director shall coordinate with other town departments, the town council, commissions, and boards to ensure that efforts are directed toward achieving common town goals. The public works director shall perform all tasks related to the items described above and other as duties as assigned. [Ord. 846 § 1, 2002.]