Chapter 2.100


2.100.010    Town holidays.

2.100.020    Observance.

2.100.030    Lighting.

2.100.010 Town holidays.

The following town holidays shall be observed:


When Observed

New Year’s Day

January 1

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Third Monday in January

President’s Day

Third Monday in February

Memorial Day

Last Monday in May

Independence Day

July 4

Labor Day

First Monday in September

Native American Day

Fourth Monday in September

Veteran’s Day

November 11

Thanksgiving Day

Fourth Thursday in November

Day after Thanksgiving

Friday following Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

December 25

Any holiday falling on a Saturday will be celebrated on the preceding Friday.

Any holiday falling on a Sunday will be celebrated on the following Monday.

[Ord. 762 § 1, 2000.]

2.100.020 Observance.

Town of La Conner offices will be closed in observance of the holidays listed under LCMC 2.100.010, with the exception of Native American Day. Town employees are encouraged to participate in scheduled Native American Day activities and will not lose compensation for time spent participating in such events that fall within their normal workday schedule. [Ord. 965 § 1, 2005; Ord. 762 § 2, 2000.]

2.100.030 Lighting.

Decorative colored lighting shall be allowed in the Commercial Zone during the official town holidays listed in LCMC 2.100.010, subject to the following:

(1) A special events application must be pre-approved by the planning director;

(2) Colored lighting will be allowed only during the time period specified on the special events application;

(3) Excludes signage. [Ord. 1036 § 1, 2009.]