Chapter 2.49


2.49.010    Objectives.

2.49.020    Use of town facilities.

2.49.010 Objectives.

The purpose of this chapter is to encourage the creation of a La Conner Senior Center Program to serve the local seniors and provide them with a facility to hold regularly scheduled activities and events. A volunteer coordinator and/or a committee of volunteers will staff the La Conner Senior Center, organizing and facilitating events and activities and coordinating the use of town facilities through the town administration. [Ord. 850, 2002.]

2.49.020 Use of town facilities.

The town shall provide free use of its facilities for the purpose of accommodating the La Conner Senior Center. Scheduling of facilities shall be done in advance and through the town administration. Use of facilities shall be based on availability and shall be free of charge. The La Conner Senior Center members shall be responsible for facility cleanup after each use and for any damage or theft of facility equipment that may occur during the use of the facilities. [Ord. 850, 2002.]