Chapter 11.05


Article I. Building Numbers

11.05.010    Designation.

11.05.020    Numbering.

11.05.030    Guidelines.

Article II. Street Numbers

11.05.040    Requirements.

11.05.050    Failure to comply – Civil infraction.

Article I. Building Numbers

11.05.010 Designation.

All buildings in the town of La Conner shall be numbered in accordance with the numbering designation set out upon the map which is attached as Exhibit A* and is by this reference incorporated herein. [Ord. 465 § 1, 1979.]

*Code reviser’s note: Exhibit A is on file in the clerk’s office.

11.05.020 Numbering.

The buildings shall be numbered odd on the left and even on the right on those streets running north and south from Morris Street and in the same manner from those streets running east from the Swinomish Channel. [Ord. 465 § 2, 1979.]

11.05.030 Guidelines.

A number shall be assigned each 25 feet from each intersection and each house or building shall be assigned one number. [Ord. 465 § 3, 1979.]

Article II. Street Numbers

11.05.040 Requirements.

Commencing July 1, 1986, all property owners within the town of La Conner shall be required to display the correct street number on any residence, business, dwelling, building, or other habitable structure within the limits of the town of La Conner. The street numbers shall be required to conform with the following guidelines:

(1) The street numbers shall be five inches in height.

(2) They shall be made of light reflective material.

(3) The background of the street numbers shall contrast with the street numbers.

(4) The street numbers shall be displayed in such a manner as to be easily visible from the street. [Ord. 539 § 1, 1986.]

11.05.050 Failure to comply – Civil infraction.

Any property owner who willfully fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction and subject to a civil penalty as set forth and established in Chapter 1.15 LCMC. [Ord. 839 § 12, 2001.]