Chapter 3.56


3.56.010    Created.

3.56.020    Source of funds.

3.56.030    Purpose.

3.56.040    Receipt and disbursal authority.

3.56.010 Created.

There is created the substance abuse awareness and education fund to be known as fund No. 604 of the city. (Ord. 469 § 1, 1990)

3.56.020 Source of funds.

The substance abuse and education fund shall receive moneys obtained from a civil penalty added to misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor controlled substance violations, contributions on behalf of the D.A.R.E. program, and a percentage of proceeds received from forfeitures of real and personal property, in accordance with city ordinances, which funds shall be deposited on receipt into this fund. (Ord. 469 § 2, 1990)

3.56.030 Purpose.

The purpose of the substance abuse awareness and education fund shall be to fund activities associated with substance abuse education and awareness including, without limitation, the D.A.R.E. program, or such other programs as are deemed appropriate for the expenditures of these funds by the city council. Prior authorization for expenditure of funds shall be obtained by the council. (Ord. 469 § 3, 1990)

3.56.040 Receipt and disbursal authority.

The city administrator or the administrator’s designee shall have authority to receive into and disburse from funds in the controlled substance abuse awareness and education fund in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations of the city and requirements of state law. (Ord. 469 § 4, 1990)