Chapter 3.72


3.72.010    Lien foreclosure commencement date.

3.72.020    Acceleration of delinquent assessment.

3.72.010 Lien foreclosure commencement date.

Actions to foreclose local improvement district assessment liens heretofore or hereafter imposed by the city according to Chapters 35.43 and 35.44 RCW shall commence no later than September 1st of any year in which two or more installments of any assessment are delinquent or if the final installment has been delinquent for one year. (Ord. 786 § 1, 1999)

3.72.020 Acceleration of delinquent assessment.

Whenever any installment is not paid when due as prescribed by the ordinance imposing such assessment, the entire assessment shall become due and payable and enforcement of collection thereof shall be by foreclosure as authorized by law. (Ord. 786 § 2, 1999)