Chapter 15.16


15.16.010    Definitions.

15.16.020    Building permit – Required.

15.16.030    Satellite antenna location.

15.16.040    Screening.

15.16.050    Antenna size.

15.16.060    Pre-existing systems.

15.16.070    Fee schedule.

15.16.080    Violation – Penalty.

15.16.010 Definitions.

A. “Satellite television antenna” means an apparatus capable of receiving communications from a transmitter or a transmitter relay located in a planetary orbit; “satellite television antenna” shall be deemed to be an accessory structure.

B. “Usable satellite signal” means a satellite signal which when reviewed on a conventional television set, is equal or nearly equal in picture quality to that received from local commercial television stations. (Ord. 358 § 1, 1986)

15.16.020 Building permit – Required.

A building permit shall be required for the installation of any satellite receiving system. Such permits shall only be issued as in the case of a building permit for any other construction or use; provided, however, the permit fee for a satellite receiving system building permit shall be as set forth in the fee schedule. (Ord. 358 § 2, 1986)

15.16.030 Satellite antenna location.

A. In commercial or multifamily residential zones, such antenna shall be located in the rear yard. If a usable satellite signal cannot be obtained in this area, then the antenna may be located in the side yard of the property subject to the requirements contained in this chapter.

B. In a noncommercial or single-family zone, subject to the provisions contained in this chapter, such antenna shall be located only in the rear yard of any lot. If a usable satellite signal cannot be obtained in this area, then the antenna may be located in the side yard of the property subject to the requirements contained in this chapter.

C. Antennas shall be set back at least five feet from any property line and located outside of any easements. The setback so required shall be measured from that part of the antenna or its base nearest the property line. (Ord. 358 § 3, 1986)

15.16.040 Screening.

A. Satellite television antennas shall be located and designed for reduced visual impact from surrounding properties at street level and from public streets.

B. All satellite receiving systems’ antennas shall be screened and blended with the background to make such antenna inconspicuous or nonvisible from streets and nearby properties. Screening as required in this section shall consist of a wood fence or metal with wood slats, trees or other landscaping that shall effectively screen from public view such satellite receiving system’s antenna from streets or nearby properties, and shall be in place at all times. Screening will be completed within 15 days of completion of the installation and plans will be included in the building permit application. (Ord. 358 § 4, 1986)

15.16.050 Antenna size.

A. Antennas shall not exceed 15 feet in height, including any platform or structure upon which the antenna is mounted or affixed and the antenna may not exceed 12 feet in diameter. Height shall be measured from the lowest ground point to the highest point of the unit.

B. Only one satellite television antenna shall be allowed.

C. All antennas and the construction and installation thereof shall conform to applicable city building code and electrical code regulations and requirements.

D. Antennas shall meet with all manufacturer’s specifications, be of noncombustible and corrosive-resistant material, and be erected in a secure, wind-resistant manner.

E. Every antenna must be adequately grounded for protection against a direct strike of lightning. (Ord. 358 § 5, 1986)

15.16.060 Pre-existing systems.

For satellite receiving systems and antennas installed prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, no permit shall be required unless the system is modified in any respect, whereafter, screening or visual protection as set out in this chapter shall then be required. (Ord. 358 § 6, 1986)

15.16.070 Fee schedule.

The fee for construction, installation and screening of satellite receiving systems shall be as established periodically by city council resolution. (Ord. 787 § 1, 1999; Ord. 439 § 18, 1989; Ord. 359, 1986; Ord. 326 § 20, 1984)

15.16.080 Violation – Penalty.

Violation of this chapter shall constitute a misdemeanor, punishment for which shall be the maximum penalty as then established for the city for misdemeanors. (Ord. 358 § 6, 1986)