Chapter 18.14


18.14.010    Purpose.

18.14.020    Who may apply.

18.14.030    Reclassification – Initiation.

18.14.040    Procedure.

18.14.050    Application.

18.14.060    Decision criteria.

18.14.070    Map change.

18.14.080    Development agreement.

18.14.090    Time limitation.

18.14.010 Purpose.

This chapter establishes the procedure and criteria that the city will use in making a decision upon an application for a reclassification of property from one land use zone to another land use zone or for any change in the conditions imposed or in the terms of a concomitant agreement executed as part of a reclassification. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.020 Who may apply.

The property owner or the city may apply for a reclassification of property. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.030 Reclassification – Initiation.

A. The city council, the mayor, or the planning commission may direct the planning director to prepare an application for a reclassification. The planning director is authorized to initiate an application for a reclassification. The planning director may initiate the process for annual amendments to the comprehensive plan on behalf of a private party that has filed a completed application consistent with the criteria established in LFPMC 18.14.060.

B. The planning director shall docket and process each application as provided herein. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.040 Procedure.

The city will process an application for a reclassification of property under Chapter 16.26 LFPMC. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.050 Application.

Application for a reclassification of property(ies) shall be made on forms prescribed by the city, and shall be accompanied by the following information; provided, that the planning director may waive any of these items upon request by the applicant and a finding that the item is not necessary to analyze the application:

A. A site plan of the property, drawn to scale, showing existing natural features, existing and proposed grades, existing and proposed utility improvements, existing and proposed rights-of-way and improvements, and existing and proposed structures and other improvements, and particularly identifying the location of parking for the proposed use; this site plan shall also show structures, other improvements and natural features that are located within 50 feet of the project site and any sensitive areas and their buffers; this information may be shown on several sheets if needed for readability;

B. A vicinity map, showing the location of the site in relation to nearby streets and properties;

C. A summary table of project statistics, including site area, building coverage, coverage by impervious surface, required and proposed parking, and similar data, as required, to evaluate conformance of the proposed project with city regulations;

D. A written statement addressing the decision criteria;

E. A legal description of the property, including parcel number;

F. A statement to the effect that the applicant or applicants are the sole owners of the property;

G. Photographs of the site;

H. A completed SEPA checklist (for environmental review), unless the project is categorically exempt from SEPA review;

I. A list of other permits that are or may be required for development of the property (issued by the city or by other government agencies), insofar as they are known to the applicant;

J. A list of other city permits that are to be processed concurrently with this permit;

K. Payment of a fee as required by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.060 Decision criteria.

The city may approve or approve with modifications an application for a reclassification of property if:

A. The reclassification is substantially related to the public health, safety, or welfare; and

B. The reclassification is warranted because of changed circumstances or because of a need for additional property in the proposed land use zone classification or because the proposed zoning classification is appropriate for reasonable development of the subject property; and

C. The subject property is suitable for development in general conformance with zoning standards under the proposed zoning classification; and

D. The reclassification will not be materially detrimental to uses or property in the immediate vicinity of the subject property or incompatible with such uses; and

E. The reclassification has merit and value for the community as a whole; and

F. The reclassification is in accord with the comprehensive plan; and

G. The reclassification complies with all other applicable criteria and standards of the Lake Forest Park Municipal Code. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.070 Map change.

Following approval of a reclassification of property, the city shall amend the zoning map of the city to reflect the change in land use zone. The city shall also indicate on the zoning map the number of the ordinance adopting the change. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.080 Development agreement.

The city may require that the applicant enter into a development agreement as authorized by RCW 36.70B.170 with the city as a condition of the reclassification, and may through that agreement impose development conditions designed to mitigate potential impacts of the reclassification and development pursuant thereto. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)

18.14.090 Time limitation.

The city may, in the ordinance approving the reclassification, establish a reasonable time within which development of the subject property must begin. If the city has established such a time limitation, the reclassification may be revoked upon application of the city for reclassification if the applicant has not applied for a building permit or other necessary development permit and completed substantial construction by the specified date. (Ord. 946 § 2, 2006)