Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Department Acknowledged and Ratified

2.28.020    Responsibilities

2.28.030    Position Appointments

2.28.040    Compensation for Appointments

2.28.010 Department Acknowledged and Ratified.

The past, present and future existence of the City of Lake Stevens Planning & Community Development Department is acknowledged and ratified.

2.28.020 Responsibilities.

The Planning and Community Development Department is primarily responsible for providing professional planning services to the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission, Park and Recreation Planning Board, other departments of the City, as well as other activities as the Mayor or City Administrator may determine appropriate. Their responsibilities include:

A.    Current Planning - Primary responsibility for reviewing and processing land use permit applications in compliance with development regulations, provides information and assistance on permits, zoning and setback requirements as well as assistance with economic development planning activities.

B.    Long Range Planning - Primary responsibility for the City’s comprehensive land use planning, park and recreation planning, economic development planning, and capital facilities planning in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

C.    Building - Primary responsibility for plan checking and inspecting residential, commercial, and industrial development in accordance with building, fire and other applicable codes.

2.28.030 Position Appointments.

The Mayor, or City Administrator pursuant to the executive authority provided by the Mayor, shall appoint a Planning and Community Development Director who will serve at the Mayor or City Administrator’s pleasure. The major duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of the Planning and Community Development Director shall be those described in his/her position description. The authority to appoint and remove other Planning and Community Development Department Staff shall be vested in the executive authority of the Mayor as may be delegated to the Director.

2.28.040 Compensation of Appointments.

The Planning and Community Development Director and other department staff shall receive such salary and in such amounts as the Council may, from time to time, establish by the City’s annual or biennial budget ordinance. (Ord. 478, 1995)