Chapter 2.94


2.94.010    Disposal of forfeited firearms.

2.94.010 Disposal of forfeited firearms.

Firearms that are: (1) judicially forfeited and no longer needed for evidence; or (2) forfeited due to a failure to make a claim under RCW 63.32.010 and not retained by the Lake Stevens Police Department subject to RCW 9.41.098, may be disposed of by the Chief of Police, or designee, either by their destruction, trade, or auction to firearm dealers at the discretion of the Chief of Police, except antique firearms or firearms of historical significance under RCW 9.41.098 which must be auctioned or traded to licensed dealers. All proceeds of an auction shall be placed in the general fund, except as required by RCW 69.50.505. (Ord. 718, 2005)