Chapter 2.25


2.25.010  Office created.

2.25.020  Duties.

2.25.030  Repealed.

2.25.010 Office created.

There is hereby created the office of City Attorney in and for the City, pursuant to the laws of the State of Washington. This office shall be filled by appointment of the City Manager with the concurrence of the City Council. The office of the City Attorney may be filled by entering into a professional services contract with a law firm. (Ord. O-99-82 § 1; Ord. O-97-34 § 1).

2.25.020 Duties.

The City Attorney, or a designated representative, shall advise the City authorities and officers in all legal matters pertaining to the business of the City, and in all actions brought by or against the City or against City officials in their official capacity. He or she shall perform such other duties as the City Council by ordinance may direct. In addition to the duties prescribed by the laws of the State of Washington as hereinabove set forth, the City Attorney shall:

A. Attend all regular and special meetings of the Council, committee of the whole meetings, or be represented by an attorney of his or her designation, unless otherwise excused by the Council.

B. Prepare, draft or supervise the preparation of all ordinances, resolutions, leases, instruments or conveyances, contracts and agreements, and such other and similar instruments as may be required by the business of the City.

C. Advise the Council and its committees, boards, commissions, department heads and other City officials and officers, including the rendering of formal opinions when so requested, or when it appears to the Attorney advisable to do so.

D. Prosecute all violations of City ordinances.

E. Consult with and participate with other City officials or representatives of the City concerning settlement of claims against the City or its officials, officers and employees while acting in their official governmental capacities. (Ord. O-97-34 § 2).

2.25.030 Compensation.

Repealed by Ord. O-07-353. (Ord. O-97-34 § 3).