Chapter 10.05


10.05.010  Adoption by reference.

10.05.020  Traffic Engineer.

* Prior legislation: Ord. O-97-20.

10.05.010 Adoption by reference.

A. The "Washington Model Traffic Ordinance," Chapter 308-330 WAC, except as specifically excluded, is hereby adopted by reference as the traffic ordinance of the City of Maple Valley as if set forth in full. Also adopted by reference are Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 23 of Chapter 275, Laws of 1994, and RCW 46.20.730 as amended by Section 23 of Chapter 275, Laws of 1994.

B. The following specific provisions of the Revised Code of Washington, and all future amendments thereto, are adopted by reference:


10.31.100 Arrest without warrant.

46.90.005 Purpose.

46.90.010 Adoption of Model Traffic Ordinance – Amendments.

C. The following sections of the Washington Model Traffic Ordinance are not adopted by reference and are expressly deleted:


308-330-250 Police department to administer bicycle licenses.

308-330-275 Traffic Safety Commission – Powers and duties.

308-330-500 Bicycle license required.

308-330-505 Bicycle license application.

308-330-510 Issuance of bicycle license.

308-330-515 Attachment of bicycle license plate or decal.

308-330-520 Inspection of bicycles.

308-330-525 Renewal of bicycle licenses.

308-330-530 Bicycle transfer of ownership.

308-330-535 Bicycle rental agencies.

308-330-540 Bicycle dealers.

308-330-560 Bicycle penalties.

(Ord. O-98-54 § 46).

10.05.020 Traffic Engineer.

A. Purpose. The City of Maple Valley finds it necessary to formally designate a Traffic Engineer to carry out the responsibilities outlined in the adopted Model Traffic Ordinance (MVMC 10.05.010) as provided by Chapter 308-330 WAC.

B. Traffic Engineer Designated. The City of Maple Valley designates the Public Works Director or his/her designee as the official Traffic Engineer for purposes of administering the Model Traffic Ordinance as adopted by MVMC 10.05.010. (Ord. O-16-591 §§ 1, 2).