Chapter 3.33


3.33.010  35th Avenue reserve fund created.

3.33.020  Funding and allocation.

3.33.030  Accounting and operation.

3.33.010 35th Avenue reserve fund created.

A special revenue fund is hereby created and shall be known as the "35th Avenue reserve fund" (fund). The purpose of the fund is to collect, maintain, and disburse revenues that are or may be dedicated to unanticipated and significant repairs to 35th Avenue. (Ord. 2006-630 § 1)

3.33.020 Funding and allocation.

The city council may, in each biennial budget and as may otherwise be advisable, accept, allocate and appropriate from special or other revenue sources or funds monies available to carry out the purposes of the fund upon a vote of the majority plus one of the entire council. (Ord. 2006-630 § 1)

3.33.030 Accounting and operation.

The fund shall be managed, operated and maintained in conformity with standard administrative and accounting procedures used by the city. (Ord. 2006-630 § 1)