Chapter 6.04


6.04.010  Scope.

6.04.020  License required.

6.04.030  Rabies vaccination and certificate required.

6.04.040  License application process.

6.04.050  License issuance and conditions.

6.04.060  Maximum number of dogs and cats.

6.04.070  Exemptions.

6.04.010 Scope.

This chapter shall apply to dogs and cats harbored in the city. (Ord. 2007-660 § 1)

6.04.020 License required.

Except as provided in MCMC 6.04.070, every adult dog and adult cat harbored in the city shall have a license. (Ord. 2007-660 § 1)

6.04.030 Rabies vaccination and certificate required.

A. Every adult dog and adult cat shall be effectively vaccinated against rabies and have a current rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The vaccination certificate shall be signed by a licensed veterinarian and shall indicate the expiration date of the vaccination and the type of vaccination used.

B. In the absence of scientific proof as to the efficacy of the vaccination, no hybrid animal shall be considered to be “effectively vaccinated” within the meaning of this section notwithstanding that such animal may have a current vaccination certificate. (Ord. 2007-660 § 1)

6.04.040 License application process.

A. An owner shall apply for a dog or cat license within 30 days of any of the following:

1. A dog or cat becoming an adult.

2. Acquiring an adult dog or adult cat.

3. Moving into the city with an adult dog or adult cat.

B. Application shall be made upon forms furnished by the animal control authority. The owner shall specify the owner’s name, address, telephone number, and the name, breed, color, sex and age, if known, of each dog and cat owned. The owner shall also provide a copy of the required rabies vaccination certificate, note if such dog or cat has been spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian, and note if such dog or cat has had a microchip implanted.

C. All applications shall be accompanied by the required fee specified in Chapter 3.42 MCMC. (Ord. 2007-660 § 1)

6.04.050 License issuance and conditions.

A. Issuance. Upon receipt of a complete application, the animal control authority shall issue a license tag. The tag will be made of metal with a serial number corresponding to the number on the application.

B. Conditions. The following conditions apply to all dog and cat licenses:

1. All licenses provided for in this chapter shall be valid for the lifetime of the animal.

2. License tags shall be securely displayed upon the animal at all times.

3. Licenses are not transferable to any other animal.

4. If a license tag is lost, the owner shall apply for a replacement tag. Fees for a replacement tag are specified in Chapter 3.42 MCMC.

5. Upon receipt of a reminder from the city requesting updates to the license information, the owner shall provide any updates to the city. (Ord. 2007-660 § 1)

6.04.060 Maximum number of dogs and cats.

It shall be unlawful for any person to harbor more than (A) three adult dogs, (B) three adult cats, or (C) any combination of adult dogs and adult cats exceeding four in number on one lot without first obtaining an animal services facility, commercial kennel, or hobby kennel license from the city pursuant to Chapter 6.06 MCMC. (Ord. 2007-660 § 1)

6.04.070 Exemptions.

The following adult dogs and adult cats are exempt from the license requirements of this chapter:

A. Adult dogs and adult cats harbored at an animal services facility, a kennel, or a research facility on behalf of an owner other than the operator of such animal services facility, kennel, or research facility for no more than seven days.

B. Adult dogs and adult cats harbored for breeding services for no more than seven days. (Ord. 2007-660 § 1)