Title 17


17.04    General Provisions

17.08    Definitions

17.12    Map and Use Classifications

17.20    R-1 Low-Density Residential District

17.22    R-2 Moderate-Density Residential District

17.24    R-3 High-Density Residential District

17.28    C-1 General Commercial District

17.30    C-2 Heavy Commercial-Light Industrial District

17.32    I Industrial District

17.34    MPU Major Public Use District

17.36    R Rural Residential District

17.38    Repealed

17.39    RV Parks

17.40    Flood Damage Prevention

17.44    Special Use Regulations

17.45    Nonconforming Uses, Lots and Structures

17.46    Conditional Land Use Permits and Variances

17.47    Appeals of Administrative Decisions

17.56    Rezones and Amendments

17.60    Annexation

17.64    Fees and Costs

17.72    Enforcement and Violations


    For regulations pertaining to signs and awnings, see Chapter 15.32, of this code; for statutory provisions regarding planning and zoning in code cities, see RCW Chapter 35A.63.