Chapter 14.15


14.15.010    Requirements to complete industrial user surveys.

14.15.020    Wastewater discharge permitting – Requirements for discharge.

14.15.030    Permit requirements for dangerous waste constituents.

14.15.010 Requirements to complete industrial user surveys.

The Director may periodically notify new, existing, and potential users of the requirement to complete an industrial user survey form. Upon notification, users shall fully and accurately complete the survey form, and return the completed form to the Director within 30 days of receipt. Each user shall maintain a copy of the latest completed survey form at their place of business. Failure to fully or accurately complete a survey form or to maintain the latest survey form on the premises where a wastewater discharge is occurring shall be a violation of this title. (Ord. 2381 § 3, 2005).

14.15.020 Wastewater discharge permitting – Requirements for discharge.

A. No significant industrial user shall discharge wastewater into the POTW without first obtaining a written statement from the Director that the POTW has the hydraulic and/or loading capacity to accept the discharge. Each SIU must also comply with the state requirements listed in MTMC 14.10.030, and in particular apply for and receive a wastewater discharge permit from the Department which authorizes the discharge. The Director may require proof of application as a condition of new or continued discharge. Obtaining a wastewater discharge permit does not relieve an SIU of its obligation to comply with all federal and state pretreatment standards or requirements or with any other requirements of federal, state, and local regulation including the requirement for applying AKART.

B. The Director may require other users, including liquid waste haulers, to obtain wastewater discharge permits (as necessary) to carry out the purposes of this title.

C. The Director may also establish, and require users by letter, permit, or rule, to implement those best management practices determined by the Director to be representative of AKART, or to discontinue use of any substance for which an effective substitute is available which will either: (1) lessen the potential for violating this title or any water quality standard, or (2) may represent a significant decrease, either singly or in combination with other similar users, in the toxicity of pollutant loadings to the POTW. (Ord. 2381 § 3, 2005).

14.15.030 Permit requirements for dangerous waste constituents.

Users discharging a wastestream containing dangerous wastes as defined in Chapter 173-303 WAC (listed, characteristic, or criteria wastes) are required to comply with the following permit provisions:

A. Obtain a written authorization to discharge the waste from the Director, and either obtain specific authorization to discharge the waste in a state waste discharge permit issued by the Department, or accurately describe the wastestream in a temporary permit obtained pursuant to RCW 90.48.165. The description shall include at least:

1. The name of the dangerous waste as set forth in Chapter 173-303 WAC, and the dangerous waste number;

2. The mass of each constituent expected to be discharged;

3. The type of discharge (continuous, batch, or other).

B. Compliance shall be obtained on the following schedule:

1. Before discharge for new users;

2. Within 30 days after becoming aware of a discharge of dangerous wastes to the POTW for existing users; and

3. Within 90 days after final rules identifying additional dangerous wastes or new characteristics or criteria of dangerous waste are published for users discharging a newly listed dangerous waste. (Ord. 2381 § 3, 2005).