Chapter 8.32


8.32.010    Statutes adopted.

8.32.020    Penalty for violation.

8.32.030    Disposition of fines and forfeitures.

8.32.040    Official misconduct.

8.32.050    Filing of ordinance.

8.32.010 Statutes adopted.

The Washington Abandoned Vehicles – Removal, Storage, Disposal Act, as codified in RCW 45.52.102 through 46.52.1198, are adopted by reference as and for the abandoned vehicles ordinance of this city as if set forth in full in this chapter. (Ord. 640 § 1, 1983)

8.32.020 Penalty for violation.

Any person who is convicted of violating or failing to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall be punished as provided by Chapter 1.16 NMC. (Ord. 640 § 2, 1983)

8.32.030 Disposition of fines and forfeitures.

All fines and forfeitures collected upon conviction or upon the forfeiture of bail of any person charged with a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall be paid into the general fund of the city. (Ord. 640 § 3, 1983)

8.32.040 Official misconduct.

Failure, refusal, or neglect on the part of any judicial or other officer or employee receiving or having custody of any such fine or forfeiture of bail, either before or after a deposit in the general fund, to comply with the provisions of NMC 8.32.030, shall constitute misconduct in office and shall be grounds for removal therefrom; provided, appropriate removal action is taken pursuant to state law relating to removal of public officials. (Ord. 640 § 4, 1983)

8.32.050 Filing of ordinance.

Incident to the adoption of the Washington Abandoned Vehicles – Removal, Storage, Disposal Act by reference, by the ordinance codified in this chapter, copies of the text of the adopted abandoned vehicles ordinance and of other adopted statutes shall be filed as required by RCW 35A.12.140 for use and examination by the public. (Ord. 640 § 5, 1983)