Chapter 13.10


13.10.010    Adoption of regulations.

13.10.020    Property owner responsibility.

13.10.030    Costs.

13.10.040    Compliance evaluation.

13.10.050    Defective backflow prevention devices.

13.10.060    Backflow prevention device testing.

13.10.070    Shutoff of water service.

13.10.010 Adoption of regulations.

A. The city of Newport hereby adopts all applicable state Department of Health regulations governing cross-connections for the purpose of protecting Newport’s potable water system from actual and potential contamination by objectionable and hazardous liquids, solids and gases.

B. The regulations adopted herein shall require that all premises being served by the Newport water system shall be required to take appropriate steps to insure and protect Newport’s potable water system from actual and potential contamination from the premises’ water system. (Ord. 847 § 1, 1994)

13.10.020 Property owner responsibility.

A. The property owner of premises being served by the Newport water system shall be responsible for preventing actual and potential contamination of the Newport’s water system and the property owner’s water system.

B. The property owner’s responsibility begins at the shutoff box, refer to NMC 13.08.110, and shall include all of the premises water system. (Ord. 847 § 1, 1994)

13.10.030 Costs.

All costs and expenses incurred to install, operate, test and maintain an approved back flow prevention device shall be borne by the property owner. (Ord. 847 § 1, 1994)

13.10.040 Compliance evaluation.

A. All pre-existing city of Newport water service connections shall be evaluated to determine the degree of hazard and the type of protection needed to comply with the requirements of state of Washington Department of Health regulations, as amended.

B. After the compliance evaluation is completed, a list of all premises where potential or actual cross-connections exist shall be prepared.

C. Notification by letter to all property owners of premises identified on the compliance evaluation list shall be mailed with following minimum information:

1. A copy of this chapter;

2. An explanation of the problem;

3. The approved type of backflow prevention device that must be installed;

4. The recommended location of the backflow prevention device;

5. The time allotted to install the backflow device;

6. The name, address and telephone number of the city representative to be contacted for questions or further information. (Ord. 847 § 1, 1994)

13.10.050 Defective backflow prevention devices.

Whenever a backflow prevention device is determined to be defective, the property owner of the served premises shall be responsible for the repair of the backflow prevention device and shall be notified of the defective device as provided for in NMC 13.10.040(C). (Ord. 847 § 1, 1994)

13.10.060 Backflow prevention device testing.

A. A certified backflow prevention device tester shall be used to test all backflow prevention devices.

B. All backflow prevention devices shall be tested annually.

C. A record of all tested backflow prevention devices shall be maintained by the Newport water department. (Ord. 847 § 1, 1994)

13.10.070 Shutoff of water service.

A. Shutoff of water services is authorized by this section when a property owner fails to install, repair, maintain or test a backflow prevention device subject to appropriated notification as required by this chapter; or:

1. A backflow prevention device has been removed or bypassed; or

2. If unprotected cross-connections exist on the premises and there is inadequate backflow prevention protection at the point of delivery; or

3. If a property owner/occupant refuses admittance of city personnel to the serve premises for the expressed purpose of cross-connection control.

B. Water services will not be restored until such conditions or defects are corrected.

C. Turning on of water services shall be subject to a shutoff fee as provided for in NMC 13.08.230. (Ord. 847 § 1, 1994)