Chapter 17.32


17.32.010    Compliance.

17.32.020    Chapter application.

17.32.030    Layout conformance.

17.32.040    Block specifications.

17.32.050    Minimum width of easement or right-of-way.

17.32.060    Minimum design standards and specifications.

17.32.070    Sidewalk width.

17.32.080    Cul-de-sac.

17.32.090    Intersections.

17.32.100    Property lines at intersections.

17.32.110    Final grades.

17.32.120    Street grades.

17.32.010 Compliance.

Streets to be included within a plat shall conform to the requirements of NPMC Title 10. (Ord. 191 § 6(b), 1967).

17.32.020 Chapter application.

The requirements in this chapter are applicable to the plat if provided with dedicated public streets. (Ord. 191 § 6(b), 1967).

17.32.030 Layout conformance.

Street layout shall conform to the most advantageous development of the adjoining areas, and the entire neighborhood, and shall provide for the continuity of appropriate streets and arterials. (Ord. 191 § 6(b)(1), 1967).

17.32.040 Block specifications.

Where topographic conditions permit intersecting streets or ways, the maximum length of blocks shall not exceed 1,320 feet, and those blocks in excess of 900 feet in length shall require a walkway and marked crosswalk at approximately the center thereof. (Ord. 191 § 6(b)(2), 1967).

17.32.050 Minimum width of easement or right-of-way.

The minimum width of any easement or public right-of-way for the various classifications of streets or private lanes must be provided for in any subdivision as follows:

Major arterials

80 feet

Secondary arterials

60 feet

Access streets

44 feet


6 feet

Utility easement

10 feet or 5 feet either side of common lot line

Private lane

20 feet.

(Ord. 191 § 6(b)(3), 1967).

17.32.060 Minimum design standards and specifications.

Any dedicated public street included within any plat shall meet the minimum design standards and specifications pertaining to that particular type of street referred to below, the detailed requirements of which are set forth in NPMC Title 10. (Ord. 191 § 6(b)(4), 1967).

17.32.070 Sidewalk width.

The minimum width of sidewalks, if any provided, in residential areas shall be four feet. (Ord. 191 § 6(b)(5), 1967).

17.32.080 Cul-de-sac.

No cul-de-sac shall serve other than single residence sites. The terminus of every cul-de-sac shall contain a circular turn-around area having a minimum diameter of 80 feet or its equivalent. (Ord. 195 § 1, 1967; Ord. 191 § 6(b)(6), 1967).

17.32.090 Intersections.

The design of intersections shall take into consideration the following factors: Topography, volume and speed of traffic, utilities and angles of intersecting streets as required under NPMC Title 10. Streets shall be required to intersect one another at an angle as near to a right angle as is practicable. (Ord. 191 § 6(b)(7), 1967).

17.32.100 Property lines at intersections.

The property lines at street intersections shall be rounded with a minimum radius of 20 feet. (Ord. 191 § 6(b)(8), 1967).

17.32.110 Final grades.

Final grades shall conform to the master grade plan adopted by the city. (Ord. 191 § 6(b)(9), 1967).

17.32.120 Street grades.

For street grade provisions, see NPMC Title 10. (Ord. 191 § 6(c), 1967).