Chapter 18.200


18.200.010    Scope and purpose.

18.200.020    Home occupation permit and business license required.

18.200.030    Procedure.

18.200.040    Performance standards.

18.200.050    Conditions.

18.200.060    Compliance with other regulations.

18.200.070    Compliance.

18.200.080    Violation.

18.200.010 Scope and purpose.

This chapter is intended to administratively permit limited commercial activities in all residential zones; provided, that such activities do not significantly alter or detrimentally impact the lifestyle and character of residential neighborhoods. More intense business activities shall only be permitted under the conditional use provision of NPMC 18.32.050(2). (Ord. 837 § 1, 2009).

18.200.020 Home occupation permit and business license required.

No home occupation, including but not limited to home occupations conducted in accessory structures, shall be established on any R-5, R-7.2, R-12.5, R-15, R-20, R-1800 or R-2400 zoned property unless approval has been obtained as provided in NPMC 18.200.030 and a business license with a “home occupation” designation has been issued and is maintained in full force and effect. The home occupation permit shall be a one-time permit that shall continue in effect as long as the home occupation is conducted on the premises. The business license with the home occupation designation shall be renewed annually commensurate with annual renewal of city business licenses as provided for in NPMC Title 4. The initial application for a home occupation permit and an application for a business license with a home occupation designation shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee in an amount established by the fee resolution adopted by the city council. The initial application fee shall cover the city’s cost of processing the home occupation permit and the first annual business license fee. When the business license is renewed annually thereafter, the applicant shall only be required to pay the annual business license fee established by council resolution. Those home occupations which meet the following criteria, in addition to meeting the performance standards cited in NPMC 18.200.040, shall be allowed:

(1) The home occupation may not be visible from the outside of the house or accessory residential structure.

(2) No visible outside display or storage of materials, merchandise or equipment is permitted.

(3) No more than an average of one vehicle trip per hour associated with customers or clients visiting the premises, including deliveries, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

(4) One four-inch by 12-inch unlit nameplate mounted flush on the building next to the principal business entrance and identifying the name of the business related to the home occupation is permitted. No other signage related to the home occupation is allowed.

(5) Materials, goods or commodities shall be delivered to or from the home occupation only between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

(6) No more noise is allowed than what is permitted in residential zones associated with the home occupation that may be heard beyond the property boundary of the property on which the home occupation is located.

(7) Parking must be available on site for employees.

(8) Home occupations may be established in residences located in NC and MU zones without a home occupation designation. Such home occupations shall be considered commercial uses for purposes of requiring off-street parking and any other applicable development standards.

(9) Home occupations may be established as an adjunct business or service in city buildings and parks when they are operating under contract to the city of Normandy Park or an agency approved by the city of Normandy Park. (Ord. 954 § 3, 2017; Ord. 837 § 1, 2009).

18.200.030 Procedure.

(1) A home occupation permit shall be processed as a Type I permit under Chapter 18.150 NPMC if all of the following conditions apply:

(a) No one other than a person who resides on the premises will be employed in the home occupation at the premises;

(b) No customers or clients of the business for which the home occupation permit is proposed will visit the premises;

(c) No deliveries of materials, goods, or commodities used in the home occupation will be delivered to the premises; and

(d) No signage or other visible indication of the home occupation will be placed on the exterior of the premises.

(2) Home occupation permits that do not meet all of the conditions set forth in subsection (1) of this section shall be processed as Type II permits under Chapter 18.150 NPMC. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2017; Ord. 924 § 2(P), 2015; Ord. 837 § 1, 2009).

18.200.040 Performance standards.

All home occupations shall be subject to the following performance standards:

(1) A home occupation shall be conducted in a dwelling and shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the structure as a dwelling. No such home occupation shall occupy a floor area greater than 25 percent of the total enclosed floor area of the dwelling unit on the property. Retail sales of items not produced on the premises shall be allowed only if clearly incidental to the primary function of the home occupation.

(2) The appearance of the structure or properties shall not be altered, or the conduct of the occupation shall not be such that the structure or premises may not be reasonably recognized as serving the home occupation. Such alteration or conduct shall include but not be limited to color, materials, construction, lighting, signs, sounds, noises, storage of construction equipment, vehicle parking areas, radio or television interference, vibrations, smoke, odors, and/or display of equipment or materials; provided, that this subsection shall not preclude the placement of one nameplate, mounted flush against the wall of the residence, stating the name of the home occupation.

(3) Only two employees in addition to resident family members of the dwelling shall be engaged in the conduct of a home occupation at the home business location.

(4) No outdoor motor or mechanical equipment shall be permitted other than that normally incidental to the use of the structure as a dwelling, nor shall any home occupation involve the use of more than two commercial vehicles, other than those owned by the occupant, for the delivery of products or materials to or from the premises, except that no such vehicle shall exceed one and one-half tons in capacity.

(5) No home occupation shall result in the use of utilities or the generation of traffic by the property beyond what is normal and typical to a residential use. (Ord. 837 § 1, 2009).

18.200.050 Conditions.

The city manager or designee or the hearing examiner may, in the issuance and/or renewal of any home occupation business license, apply conditions or special requirements deemed necessary in order to ensure that such home occupation complies with the performance standards and intent of this chapter. (Ord. 837 § 1, 2009).

18.200.060 Compliance with other regulations.

All home occupations shall be subject to all licenses, regulations and inspections required by any business conducted in the city. (Ord. 837 § 1, 2009).

18.200.070 Compliance.

All home occupations are subject to review by the city manager or designee for compliance with this and other sections of the code. (Ord. 1005 § 2 (Exh. B § 31), 2021; Ord. 837 § 1, 2009).

18.200.080 Violation.

Any person who violates a provision of this chapter or fails to comply with any of the requirements thereof shall be subject to the provisions and penalties as set forth in NPMC Title 19. (Ord. 1005 § 2 (Exh. B § 32), 2021).