Chapter 18.65


18.65.010    Application fee.

18.65.020    State law adopted by reference.

18.65.010 Application fee.

A fee as set by the city’s current fee schedule ordinance is required for applications for open space land designations under authority of Chapter 84.34 RCW. No part of this fee shall be refundable. (Ord. 699 § 4, 2003; Ord. 292 § 1, 1975; Ord. 237 § 1, 1970).

18.65.020 State law adopted by reference.

The Open Space Taxation Act rules as promulgated by the State Department of Revenue on October 23, 1970, three copies of which are on file in the office of the city clerk, are adopted by reference as the rules of procedure of the city in the processing of applications under the provisions of Chapter 84.34 RCW. (Ord. 237 § 2, 1970).