Chapter 3.01


3.01.010    Office of planning and development.

3.01.020    Public works department.

3.01.010 Office of planning and development.

A. The comprehensive fees and charges schedule for the department of planning and development shall, from the date of the adoption of the ordinance codified in this section forward, be set by a resolution of the Okanogan County board of commissioners. Such fees and charges shall reflect, and not exceed, the actual cost of providing the service. However, should other units of government or agencies impose fees or charges of their own, the department of planning and development may pass these charges on to the applicant without an action of the board of commissioners and/or without such charges appearing on the fees and charges schedule.

B. Certain applications initiated by the Okanogan County board of commissioners, the Okanogan County regional planning commission, and the department of planning and development are exempt from these fees and charges unless and except that such projects are supported by grants or loans which support and reimburse these applicable costs.

C. The department of planning and development, with the department director’s approval, may refund all or a portion of fees paid as required by this section and/or all future fees and charges resolutions, if the application is withdrawn within 21 days of the vesting of the application. Except that any such refund will consider all county costs incurred up to the time of the application withdrawal. This refund policy only applies to the fees and charges levied by the department of planning and development.

D. The necessary policies and procedures are to be developed and implemented to ensure the collection of certain deposits and dispersal of refunds or overpayments.

E. There is the recognition of a rational nexus between the establishment and collection of these fees and charges and the resource needs of the department of planning and development. (Ord. 2004-4, 2004; Ord. 2003-1 § 1, 2003).

3.01.020 Public works department.

The public works fee schedule is adopted by resolution. (Res. 120-94, 1994).