Title 3


3.01    Fee Schedules

3.04    Real Estate Excise Tax

3.04A    Additional Real Estate Excise Tax

3.08    Sales or Use Tax

3.09    Additional Sales or Use Tax

3.10    Sales and Use Tax for Criminal Justice Purposes

3.11    Sales and Use Tax for Public Facilities

3.12    Election Reserve Fund

3.16    Public Health Pooling Fund

3.20    County Depositories

3.22    Bonds and Obligations Registration

3.24    Emergency Services Organization

3.28    Repealed

3.29    Timber Excise Tax

3.32    Purchasing Procedure

3.34    Inventory of Fixed Assets

3.36    911 Excise Tax

3.40    Lodging Excise Tax

3.44    Sales and Use Tax for Affordable and Supportive Housing