Chapter 2.36

2.36.000    Chapter Contents


2.36.010    Personnel.

2.36.020    Appointments.

2.36.030    Management.

2.36.040    Removal of members.

2.36.050    Report to council.

2.36.060    Compensation.

2.36.070    Chief of police--Powers and duties generally.

2.36.080    Chief of police--Duties designated.

2.36.085    Appointment of Officers: Authority to Grant General and Limited Commissions

2.36.090    Duties of policemen.

2.36.100    Unclaimed property.

2.36.110    Fixing bail.

2.36.120    Traffic school established--Purpose--Operation.

(Ord. 6560 §1, 2008, added new section 2.36.085).

2.36.010 Personnel

A.    The personnel of the police department of the city shall consist of the following:

1.    Chief;

2.    Commander;

3.    Sergeant;

4.    Police officer; and

5.    Any other positions or rank created by the city council.

B.    Personnel appointed to positions or ranks provided for in this chapter shall be considered "City Police Officers" within the meaning of RCW 41.26.030(3).

(Ord. 4432 §10, 1983; Ord. 4222 §9, 1980; Ord. 3601 §1, 1970; Ord, 1029 §1, 1909).

2.36.020 Appointments

The city manager shall appoint the chief of police and all city police officers, in accord with civil service rules.

(Ord. 4432 §11, 1983; Ord 1029 §2, 1909).

2.36.030 Management

The police department shall be under the management of the chief of police, except as otherwise provided by law.

(Ord. 1029 §3, 1909).

2.36.040 Removal of members

The city manager may remove any member of the police department in accord with all civil service regulations.

(Ord. 4432 §12, 1983; Ord. 1029 §4, 1909).

2.36.050 Report to council

The chief of police will annually or as often as required by the city council make a report of any municipal legislation deemed necessary by him to improve the efficiency of the police department. He shall also report annually the business and condition of the police department during his term of office, the number of arrests made during the year, the causes thereof, together with other general and special information as to the peace and good order of the city. He shall also, when required by the city council, submit an estimate of the amount of money that will be required to pay salaries and expenses of the police department for the ensuing fiscal year specifying in detail for what each sum shall be required.

(Ord. 4432 §13, 1983; Ord. 1029 §5, 1909).

2.36.060 Compensation

The compensation of all members of the police department shall be fixed in the annual budget process by the City council.

(Ord. 4432 §14, 1983; Ord. 1029 §6, 1909).

2.36.070 Chief of police –Powers and duties generally

The chief of police shall have general charge and control of the police force, subject to the direction and control of the city manager; he shall enforce the criminal ordinances of the city and he shall have such other and further powers and be charged with such other and further duties as are or may hereafter be prescribed by law or by the ordinances of the city or by resolution of the city council.

(Ord. 4432 §15, 1983; Ord. 4222 §3, 1980; Ord. 1936 §5, 1925).

2.36.080 Chief of police –Duties designated

The chief of police shall be the chief peace officer of the city and all processes issued by the police magistrate or by any justice of the peace in the city, under authority of any ordinance of the city, shall be directed to him for service and shall be served by him or by any member of the police department whom he may select, which officer shall make a return of such service. The chief of police shall exercise vigilant control over the police department and shall be the keeper of the city jail and shall perform such other duties and have such other power as may be imposed upon him by ordinance. He shall also keep a correct record of all arrests made by him and by other members of the police department, showing the time and cause of each arrest, with the list and description of all property and money taken from each person arrested and a statement of the disposition of the same and shall make a full report thereof in writing to the city council when required. He shall report monthly all sums collected by him and by the police department on behalf of the city.

(Ord. 4432 §16, 1983; Ord. 1029 §7, 1909).

2.36.085 Appointment of Officers: Authority to Grant General and Limited Commissions

The chief of police may appoint, with the consent of the city manager, subject to any applicable civil service provisions, deputies and other public officers for the purpose of enforcing city laws and codes or for engaging in any enforcement functions on behalf of the city that require commissioned authority. Officers so appointed shall be subject to defined limits of authority and shall have such powers as are deemed appropriate and necessary for the proper performance of the duties of their office as authorized by the chief of police and permitted by law. Upon such appointment, the chief of police shall issue to the appointee a general or limited commission card as the case may be, and may authorize the appointee to carry an appropriate identifying badge. Appointments shall continue until the appointee is either permanently terminated from city employment or volunteer service or the commission is otherwise modified by the chief of police. Any commission authorized hereunder may be modified or revoked at any time by the chief of police or the city manager, subject to any applicable civil service provisions.

(Ord. 6560 §1, 2008).

2.36.090 Duties of policemen

The duties of the other members of the police department, both regular and special policemen, shall be such as may be provided from time to time by ordinance and by rules established by the chief of police in addition to the duties prescribed in this chapter.

(Ord. 1029 §8, 1909).

2.36.100 Unclaimed property

The chief of police is authorized, under the supervision of the city manager, to accept, maintain and dispose of all lost and/or unclaimed property as may come into the possession of the city police department. The chief shall be governed by the provisions and procedures set forth in RCW Chapter 63.21 for lost and found property and in RCW Chapter 63.32 for unclaimed property.

(Ord. 4432 §17, 1983; Ord. 4222 §10, 1980; Ord. 1664 §1, 1921).

2.36.110 Fixing bail

The chief of police or, in his absence, any police officer of the city, is authorized to fix and accept bail from persons arrested for violation of the city ordinances, and such bail shall be fixed in accordance with general practice and rules according to the schedule fixed by the police judge and filed with the police department.

(Ord. 1892 §1, 1925).

2.36.120 Traffic school established –Purpose –Operation

A.    There is established within the Olympia police department a traffic school to be used in conjunction with the city’s traffic first offender diversion program. The traffic school shall consist of eight hours of instruction and shall run during the period of the traffic grant. The school shall be taught by members of the metro traffic services unit.

B.    The judge of the Olympia police court may, at his discretion, order persons convicted of a traffic offense to attend the traffic school hereby created in lieu of a monetary fine or imprisonment.

C.    It is contemplated that the traffic school shall be operated in cooperation with the cities of Lacey and Tumwater on such terms and conditions as may be established.

(Ord. 4262 §§1-3, 1981).