Chapter 4.02

4.02.000    Chapter Contents


4.02.010    Police Department Fees.

4.02.010 Police department fees

A.    Charges for providing and processing criminal history records to agencies and persons other than criminal justice agencies shall be established at the cost of copying the information with a minimum charge of $5.00.

B.    The charge for providing fingerprinting services shall be $15.00 for a two-card set. The Chief of Police is authorized to enter into master contracts with other political subdivisions for providing fingerprinting services. Master contracts shall be at the estimated cost of providing the service.

C.    Fees for public use of the City of Olympia Firing Range shall be $5.00 per session; $10.00 for three sessions if purchased at the same time; and $1.00 for five targets.

D.    A $10.00 fee shall be charged for each criminal history background request processed by the Olympia Police Department. Exception: Per RCW 10.97, no charges shall be assessed to registered criminal justice agencies.

(Ord. 5767 §1, 1998; Ord. 5531 §1, 1995).