Chapter 8.20

8.20.000    Chapter Contents


8.20.010    Connection of stagnant pools to sewer--Owner notification--Nuisance abatement.

8.20.020    Penalty for violation.

8.20.010 Connection of stagnant pools to sewer –Owner notification –Nuisance abatement

It shall be the duty of the police chief and police officers of the city when it comes to their knowledge that any surface water or stagnant pool upon any lot or block or under any building or structure in the city where there is a sewer in the street in front, or in the alley in the rear, or passing through or adjacent to the property upon which the same may be situated, is not connected with the city sewer and is offensive to the senses or endangers the public health, to report the same to the health officer who shall, if he deems it necessary to protect the public health, immediately give written notice to the owner of such premises or property upon which such surface water or stagnant pool is situated, or to the person in possession thereof, who is hereby declared to be the agent of the nonresident owner of said property, to connect the same with the city sewer; and upon failure of such owner or his or her agent for a period of ten days from the date of receiving such notice, to so connect the same under the direction of the city sewer inspector, and to provide for the same being discharged, emptied and drained, the same is hereby declared a public nuisance and the sewer inspector shall cause the same to be so connected at the expense of the owner of such property; and the costs of such connection is hereby declared to be a charge and lien upon such property.

(Ord. 793 §1, 1904).

8.20.020 Penalty for violation

Any person who is the owner of any lot, block or other property in the city upon which any surface water or stagnant pool is situated and who has received the notice named in Section 8.20.010 and who has failed for the period of ten days next thereafter to connect the same with the public sewer as provided in Section 8.20.010, shall be deemed guilty of maintaining a public nuisance and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not exceeding fifty dollars and costs of prosecution.

(Ord. 793 §2, 1904).