Chapter 9.32

9.32.000    Chapter Contents


9.32.010    Games of chance for profit unlawful –Exceptions.

9.32.020    Unlawful activities designated--Exceptions.

9.32.030    Specific games prohibited.

9.32.040    Registration requirements for permitted activities.

9.32.010 Games of chance for profit unlawful –Exceptions

It is unlawful for any person to play at games of chance for profit except as authorized by or pursuant to Chapter 218, Laws of Washington, 1973, First Extraordinary Session, and RCW Chapter 9.46.

(Ord. 3957 §12(A), 1976).

9.32.020 Unlawful activities designated –Exceptions

It is unlawful for any person to open, conduct, maintain or carry on, or be involved with any manner of lottery, gambling games, gambling device, or any establishment or business, by whatever name it may be known, where the same is permitted or carried on; or to have in his possession for the use of the public or to obtain, maintain, conduct or offer to the public any slot machine, punch board, or other device, or game of chance having for its purpose the winning by chance of any merchandise, money or other things of value; or to sell or dispose of any lottery tickets, or share its space in any game of chance or gambling game, except as provided or permitted by the following sections of RCW Chapter 9.46, as amended, which are incorporated in this chapter and adopted by reference as though fully set forth in this chapter, three copies thereof having been filed with the city clerk-treasurer:





































(Ord. 3957 §12(B), 1976).

9.32.030 Specific games prohibited

Except as authorized by or pursuant to Chapter 218, Laws of Washington, 1973, First Extraordinary Session, and RCW Chapter 9.46, it is unlawful for any person or persons to deal, play at, wager anything of value upon or in any manner take part in or carry on or cause to be open, or to conduct, set up, keep or exhibit any game of faro, monte, poker, draw poker, keno, shuffleboard, or fan tan, or any game of chance played with cards, dice or any device of whatever kind or nature, whether or not of the kind or character mentioned in this section, for money.

(Ord. 3957 §12(C), 1976).

9.32.040 Registration requirements for permitting activities

Any organization conducting or engaging in any activity permitted under this chapter shall:

A.    Register with the city clerk-treasurer prior to conducting any such activities, said registration to be on forms to be provided by the city clerk-treasurer, and the registration shall show the name and address of the organization conducting the activities, the address at which such activities will be conducted, the type of activities to be conducted at such address, and such other information as may be required by the city clerk-treasurer;

B.    Submit to the city clerk-treasurer copies of all reports submitted by the registrant to the Department of Revenue as required by RCW 9.46.130.

(Ord. 3957 §12(D), 1976).