Chapter 10.18

10.18.000    Chapter Contents


10.18.010    Definitions.

10.18.020    Unlawful in residential areas.

10.18.030    Exception.

10.18.010 Definitions

For purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall be defined as follows, unless a different meaning is expressly provided:

A.    "Commercial vehicle" includes any vehicle the principal use of which is the transportation of commodities, merchandise, produce, freight, animals or passengers for hire.

B.    "Residential area" means those areas of the city zoned R1, R2, or RMH pursuant to Title 18 of this code.

C.    "Trailer" includes every vehicle without motor power designed for being drawn by or used in conjunction with a motor vehicle, constructed so that no appreciable part of its weight rests upon or is carried by such motor vehicle; provided that the term shall not include recreational vehicles such as travel trailers.

D.    "Truck" includes any motor vehicle designed primarily for the transportation of property.

(Ord. 4580 §1 (part), 1985).

10.18.020 Unlawful in residential areas

It is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing on any street within a residential area or on that portion of a street abutting a residential area, any of the following:

A.    A truck with a gross weight capacity in excess of nine thousand pounds;

B.    A trailer in excess of twenty feet in length;

C.    A commercial vehicle having a width of eighty inches or more.

(Ord. 4580 §1(part), 1985).

10.18.030 Exception

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any vehicle parked or left standing for the purpose of loading or unloading persons or property; provided such parking or standing shall not extend beyond the time necessary for the loading or unloading.

(Ord. 4580 §1(part), 1985).