Chapter 10.40

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10.40.010    Application and fee.

10.40.010 Application and fee

In connection with the issuance by the city of any permit for construction work for the issuance of any permit under the provisions of Chapter 12.24 a permit may also be granted for the use of parking area adjacent to the construction work or any obstruction so permitted in any commercial or manufacturing area. Such permit shall be for a definite period of time and shall be issued by the parking supervisor of the city upon written application therefor accurately describing the area of parking space(s) to be used and the period of time during which such use is contemplated. The applicant shall at the time of the issuance of such permit pay to the parking supervisor Ten and no/100 Dollars ($10.00) per day per space. The permit may be extended for an additional period of time upon payment of the charges specified above.

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