Chapter 10.64

10.64.000    Chapter Contents


10.64.010    Public event--Definition.

10.64.020    Street closure and restrictions.

10.64.030    Violation.

10.64.040    Penalty--Infractions.

10.64.050    Vehicle impoundment.

10.64.010 Public event –Definition

For purposes of this chapter, a "public event" shall include any festival, celebration, fair, rally, sporting event or similar occurrence which is open to the public and is conducted, at least in part, on city streets or other city-owned property.

(Ord. 5292 §2, 1992; Ord. 4503 §1(part), 1984).

10.64.020 Street closure and restrictions

A.    The chief of police or acting chief of police, may close to vehicle travel and/or restrict parking on any street or portion thereof within the city to accommodate activities of a public event. Such closure shall be done upon a request therefor from the sponsor of a public event. The chief shall report to the city council street closures administered pursuant to this section.

B.    In addition, no such closure or parking restriction shall become effective until the affected streets are posted with signs in a manner to reasonably inform the public of such closure or parking restrictions.

(Ord. 5233 §1, 1991; Ord. 4503 §1(part), 1984).

10.64.030 Violation

No person shall violate the terms or restrictions set forth in the notice posted pursuant to Section 10.64.020 either by parking a vehicle in a place or during the time proscribed therein or by driving or parking a vehicle upon a street that is closed.

(Ord. 5233 §2, 1991; Ord. 4503 §1(part), 1984).

10.64.040 Penalty –Infractions

Violation of any provisions of a street closure administered pursuant to this chapter shall constitute an infraction and shall be enforced as provided in Chapter 10.24 of the Olympia Municipal Code and RCW 46.63.

(Ord. 5233 §3, 1991; Ord. 4503 §1(part), 1984).

10.64.050 Vehicle impoundment

A.    In addition to the issuance of a notice of infraction, a police officer may order the impoundment or removal to a place of safety of any vehicle found in violation of a street closure administered pursuant to this chapter. For purposes of this chapter, a place of safety includes the business location of a registered towing operator.

B.    Notification of the removal or impoundment of a vehicle shall be given in accord with RCW 46.52.190.

(Ord. 5233 §4, 1991; Ord. 4503 §1(part), 1984).