Chapter 12.56

12.56.000    Chapter Contents


12.56.010    Basic lighting system unit established.

12.56.020    Private arrangement for additional power –City nonliability.

12.56.010 Basic lighting system unit established

There is established a basic candle power unit for the boulevard lighting system of two hundred fifty candle power, the operation of which basic unit will be paid for by the city as it may provide.

(Ord. 2136 §1, 1929).

12.56.020 Private arrangement for additional power –City nonliability

Whenever any property owner or tenant desires to increase the light in any unit of the boulevard lighting system, such may be done by securing consent of the commissioner of public works and making arrangements direct with the company furnishing the current for such lights, the said party paying all additional costs for such increased current. The city disclaims any liability for lighting current furnished in any portion of the boulevard system in excess of the basic candle power unit specified in this chapter.

(Ord. 2136 §2, 1929).