Chapter 12.74

12.74.000    Chapter Contents


12.74.010    Camping and Constructing Camp Facilities on City Property and City Parklets Prohibited.

12.74.020    Definitions.

12.74.030    Penalties.

(Ord. 6841 §3, 2013).

12.74.010 Camping and Constructing Camp Facilities on City Property and City Parklets Prohibited

A.    It shall be unlawful at all times to camp or construct camp facilities at or on the grounds of all City Property and City Parklets.

B.    No person shall be cited under this section unless the person engages in conduct prohibited by this section after having been notified by a law enforcement officer that the conduct violates this section.

C.    The City Manager is authorized to allow persons to temporarily camp on City property in connection with an emergency that has been declared by the City Council.

(Ord. 6841 §3, 2013).

12.74.020 Definitions

The following definitions are applicable in this Chapter unless the context otherwise requires:

A.    “Camp” means use of camp paraphernalia for the purpose of temporary or permanent habitation or construction or use of camp facilities.

B.    “Camp facilities” include, but are not limited to, tents, huts, lean-tos, tarpaulins, canvas, cardboard, corrugated tin, or other temporary shelters.

C.    “Camp paraphernalia” are items that can be used for the purposes of habitation and include, but are not limited to, tarpaulins, cots, beds, sleeping bags, blankets, bedrolls, mattresses, hammocks, or cooking facilities or equipment.

D.    “City Property” means property owned by the City whether or not the property has a structure. City Property includes any buildings on the property and adjacent grounds to those buildings owned by the City. City Property includes, but is not limited to, parks, parking lots, and plazas in the City of Olympia, Washington.

E.    “Parklet” means a City parking space or parking spaces that the City has authorized through a permit to be used to create small park-like settings which are open to the general public and can include features such as tables and chairs, benches, planters and landscaping.

(Ord. 6841 §3, 2013).

12.74.030 Penalties

Any violation of the provisions of this Chapter is a misdemeanor punishable as defined in OMC 9.64.010.

(Ord. 6841 §3, 2013).