Chapter 17.12

17.12.000    Chapter Contents


17.12.010    Definitions.

(Ord. 7311 §2, 2022; Ord. 6408 §4, 5, 2006).

17.12.010 Definitions

For the purpose of this title, certain words and terms are defined in this chapter. When consistent with the context, words used in the present tense shall include the future; the singular term shall include the plural; and the plural, the singular; the word “shall” is always mandatory and the word “may” denotes a use of discretion.

A.    "Applicant" means any individual or entity who applies for preliminary plat, short plat, large lot subdivision or binding site plan approval under this title.

B.    "Auditor" means the auditor of Thurston County, Washington.

C.    "Binding site plan" means a drawing made and approved in accordance with the provisions of subdivisions D, E and G of Section 17.04.040 of this title which contains inscriptions and attachments setting forth such appropriate limitations and conditions for the use of the land as are established by the city, and which contains provisions requiring any development to be in conformance with the site plan.

D.    "Buildable lot" means a lot meeting all of the requirements of size, shape, frontage, sanitation, etc., contained in this title and other ordinances of the city for any specific type of development.

E.    "Boundary line adjustment" means an alteration of a division of land by adjustment of boundary lines, between platted or unplatted lots or parcels or both, which does not create an additional lot, tract, parcel, building site, or division nor creates any lot, tract, parcel, building site, or division which contains insufficient area or dimension to meet the minimum requirements for width or area for a building site. Boundary line adjustments include lot consolidations wherein boundary lines are removed.

F.    "City council" means the mayor and council members of the city.

G.    "Comprehensive plan" means a plan adopted by the City Council as a guide to the physical growth and improvement of the city, including modifications or refinements which may be made from time to time. Said plan may include the following elements: land use, transportation, transit, public services and facilities, housing, community development, and additional subjects relating to the physical development of the city.

H.    "County" means the county of Thurston, state of Washington.

I.    "Date of filing" means the date that a complete and accurate application for preliminary plat, short plat, large lot plat or final plat approval is filed with the city.

J.    "Declaration of short subdivision" means a document signed by all persons having any real interest in the land being subdivided and acknowledged before a notary that they signed the same as their free act and deed, and containing, as a minimum, the following elements:

1.    A legal description of the tract being divided;

2.    An illustrative map;

3.    Any restrictive covenants;

4.    A title report or plat certificate;

5.    Any special conditions of short subdivision approval (e.g., frontage improvements requirements).

K.    "Dedication" means the deliberate appropriation of land by an owner for any general and public uses, reserving to that owner no other rights than such as are compatible with the full exercise and enjoyment of the public uses to which the property has been devoted. The intention to dedicate shall be evidenced by the owner by the presentment for filing of a final plat, short plat or binding site plan showing the dedication thereon; and the acceptance by the public shall be evidenced by the approval of such plat or plan for filing by the appropriate governmental unit.

L.    "Department" means the City of Olympia Community Planning and Development Department.

M.    "Development" means the development of land as proposed and/or described in any application for development permit approval submitted to the city.

N.    "Development permit" means any land use permit which must be approved by the city prior to the development of land. Development permits shall include preliminary plats, short plats, binding site plans, large lot subdivisions and final plats.

O.    "Director" means the Director of the City of Olympia Community Planning and Development Department, and the Director’s designees.

P.    "Easement" means a right granted by a property owner to specifically named parties or to the general public for the use of certain areas or strips of land for particular purposes. Where appropriate to the context, easement may also refer to the land covered by the rights granted. This may include pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, utility easements, drainage, open space, etc.

Q.    "Final Approval" means the final official action taken by the City Council, Hearing Examiner, or planner on the proposed subdivision, short subdivision, binding site plan, large lot subdivision or dedication, or portion thereof.

R.    "Final plat" means the final drawing of the subdivision and dedication prepared for filing for record with the county auditor and containing all elements and requirements set forth in RCW Chapter 58.17 and in this title adopted pursuant thereto.

S.    "Flooding" means the inundation of an area of land that is not usually under water.

T.    "Hearing examiner" means the land use Hearing Examiner for the city.

U.    "Improvements" means and includes, but is not limited to, streets and roads complying with the development standards and specifications adopted by the city; public utility and pedestrian facilities; street lights; landscape features; bridge structures; storm drainage facilities; and traffic control devices as are required to be installed as a part of subdivision, short subdivision, large lot subdivision or binding site plan approval.

V.    "Large lot subdivision" means the division of land into lots or tracts, each of which is 1/128 of a section of land or larger, or 5 acres or larger, if the land is not capable of description as a fraction of a section of land. For purposes of computing the size of any lot under this section which borders on a street, the lot size shall be expanded to include that area which would be bounded by the centerline of the street and the side lot lines of the lot running perpendicular to such centerline.

W.    "Lot" means a fractional part of subdivided or site planned land having fixed boundaries, being of sufficient area and dimensions to meet minimum zoning requirements for width and area. The term shall include tracts or parcels.

X.    "Mean sea level datum" means the published mean sea level datum established by the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (now National Geodetic Survey) and the benchmarks referenced to this datum established by the City Public Works Department.

Y.    "Person" means every person, firm, partnership, association, social organization, corporation, estate, trust, receiver, syndicate, branch of government, or any other group or combination acting as a unit.

Z.    "Planned residential development" means a unified development approved in accordance with Title 18 of this code.

AA.    "Plat" means a map or representation of a subdivision, showing thereon the division of a tract or parcel of land into lots, blocks, streets and alleys or other divisions or dedications.

BB.    "Preliminary Approval" means the official action taken on a proposed division of land when provision of improvements or fulfillment of conditions are to occur prior to final approval.

CC.    "Preliminary plat" means a neat and approximate drawing of a proposed subdivision showing the general layout of streets and alleys, lots, blocks and other elements of a subdivision consistent with the requirements of this chapter. The preliminary plat shall furnish a basis for the approval or disapproval of the general layout of a subdivision.

DD.    "Short plat" means the map or representation of a short subdivision containing all of the pertinent information as required by this title.

EE.    "Short subdivision" means the division or redivision of land into nine or fewer lots, tracts, parcels, sites or divisions for the purpose of transfer of ownership, sale or lease.

FF.    "Site plan review committee" is defined in OMC 18.02.180.

GG.    "Subdivider" means a person who undertakes the subdividing of land.

HH.    "Subdivision" means the division or redivision of land into ten or more lots, tracts, parcels, sites or divisions, which are less than five acres in area, whether immediate or future, for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership. This definition applies whether or not there is a dedication involved.

II.    "Utilities easements" means rights-of-way which may be used by public utilities, including, but not limited to, electricity, water, natural gas, sewer, telephone and television cable for the construction, operation, maintenance, alteration and repair of their respective facilities.

JJ.    "Variance" means an authorization granting relief under the provisions of Chapter 17.52 of this title from the literal enforcement of this title, when special conditions exist or unusual hardship will result therefrom.

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