Chapter 17.34

17.34.000    Chapter Contents


17.34.010    Applicability.

17.34.020    Conformance with zoning.

17.34.030    Format of binding site plan applications.

17.34.040    Contents of preliminary application.

17.34.050    Distribution of copies.

17.34.060    Review criteria.

17.34.070    Approval procedures.

17.34.090    Contents of final application.

17.34.100    Final approval and recording.

17.34.110    Redivisions.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.010 Applicability

Property that is intended for mobile home park use or is zoned for commercial or industrial use may be divided through a binding site plan process pursuant to RCW 58.17.035. A binding site plan is an alternative to a subdivision procedure and may be processed in conjunction with a development proposal. All applications for binding site plans shall be subject to the provisions of this Chapter.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.020 Conformance with zoning

The aggregate of lots within a binding site plan are considered to be one site which is subject to all use and dimensional standards of the zone in which it is located. Individual lots must be consistent with use requirements of the zone but are not required to conform with dimensional requirements such as building setbacks from property lines. Proposed structure locations must be consistent with all applicable building and fire codes.

A binding site plan application shall be considered under zoning and other land use controls in effect at the time that a complete binding site plan application is filed. Any vacant or redeveloped lot within an approved binding site plan shall comply with the standards in place at the time the development application is made.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.030 Format of binding site plan applications

A.    Format. Preliminary binding site plans shall:

1.    indicate in large print the title "Binding Site Plan" and the name of the proposed development.

2.    be drawn on paper having dimensions of 18" by 24" at a horizontal scale between 1" = 20’ and 1" = 100’ that is represented graphically;

3.    include a north arrow and indicate a plan preparation date;

4.    contain a legal description;

5.    bear the seal of a registered land surveyor or registered professional engineer licensed to practice in the state.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.040 Contents of preliminary application

A.    A preliminary binding site plan application shall consist of a form accompanied by a fee, twelve (12) dark line prints of the plan, and such other documents as may be required by Olympia’s adopted permit application content lists. The plan shall be consistent with OMC 17.32.100 and contain the following information:

1.    location and dimensions of existing and proposed site ingress and egress;

2.    layout and dimensions of internal vehicular and pedestrian circulation system;

3.    location, area and dimensions of proposed lots;

4.    layout and dimensions of emergency access to each lot;

5.    proposed land uses for each lot;

6.    impervious and pervious coverage for each lot and the site;

7.    location and dimensions of existing and proposed buildings or proposed building envelopes and the distances from property lines;

8.    location and dimensions of existing (to remain) and proposed landscape areas;

9.    location and dimensions of existing and proposed stormwater drainage and retention areas;

10.    location and dimensions of existing (to remain) and proposed parking areas;

11.    location of existing and proposed utilities,

12.    an environmental checklist, if subject to SEPA; and

13.    supporting documentation or technical reports.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.050 Distribution of copies

A.    Copies of the preliminary binding site plan application shall be distributed to:

1.    Thurston County Health Department;

2.    Olympia Public Works Department;

3.    Olympia Fire Department;

4.    Olympia Parks Department;

5.    Thurston County Assessor;

6.    Thurston County Treasurer;

7.    Appropriate school district;

8.    Appropriate telephone company;

9.    Appropriate power company(s);

10.    Any other federal, state or local agencies, and community groups, as may be relevant; and

11.    All of the property owners adjacent to and within three hundred feet of the exterior boundary of the subject property if the preliminary binding site plan application indicates more than nine lots.

B.    The Community Planning and Development (Department) shall set a date for return of recommendations from each reviewing party. If recommendations are not returned by that date, then the Department may make findings as it deems just.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.060 Review criteria

A.    Review Criteria. A binding site plan application may be approved if the following review criteria have been satisfied.

1.    The binding site plan conforms with requirements of all city and state ordinances, codes, standards and policies including those found in: the zoning ordinance, the building code, the fire code, public works standards, the state environmental policy act, and the comprehensive plan.

2.    Appropriate provisions have been made for streets, utilities, drainage ways, water supplies and sanitary wastes.

3.    The physical characteristics of the site are not subject to flooding, inundation or swamp conditions.

4.    The public use and interest will be served by the plan.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.070 Approval procedures

A.    Review and Approval. The binding site plan application shall be reviewed by the Director. The Director may take the following actions on the application: approve, approve with conditions, deny, or return it to the applicant for correction.

B.    Conditional Approvals. When the preliminary binding site plan approval is contingent upon conditions, then the conditions shall be completed and a final plan filed within two years from the date of the conditional approval.

(Ord. 6967 §13, 2015; Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.090 Contents of final application

A.    A final binding site plan application shall consist of a form accompanied by a fee and twelve (12) dark line prints of the plan. The plan shall be consistent with OMC 17.32.150 and include all required information consistent with the preliminary plan and:

1.    a current title report covering all properties within the boundaries of the site;

2.    recordable easements for all necessary and planned utilities;

3.    recordable easements for all shared ingress, egress, roadway and emergency accesses;

4.    recordable easements or covenants for use of shared open space, parking, stormwater facilities;

5.    recordable easements or covenants for maintenance and restrictions on redevelopment of shared areas;

6.    approximate building locations, and a phasing plan and time schedule if the site is intended to be developed in phases; and

7.    the following notes on the face of the plan:

"The use and development of the property must be in accordance with the plan as represented herein or as hereafter amended, and in accordance with the provisions of the binding site plan regulations of the city."

"If the roads and utilities shown on this plan were not constructed and/or installed at the time that the property subject to this plan was divided, any permit required to develop any portion of the property will not be issued until the roads and utilities necessary to serve that portion of this property have been constructed and installed or until arrangements acceptable to the City of Olympia have been made to ensure that the construction and installation of such roads and utilities will be accomplished."

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.100 Final approval and recording

A.    Final approval of the binding site plan shall not be given until:

1.    a final binding site plan map has been filed with the Department;

2.    there is compliance with the requirements of the county health department and city engineer as evidenced by their signatures on the face of the binding site plan;

3.    the county treasurer has certified on the binding site plan that all taxes on the land have been fully paid and discharged;

4.    the Department has certified that the binding site plan complies with all requirements of this Chapter and conditions of approval; and

5.    the construction of all required improvements have been completed or secured in accordance with OMC 17.44.

B.    The applicant shall file the approved binding site plan and any accompanying documents with the county auditor for recording and return to the Department one 11"x17" and two 18"x24" copies of the recorded binding site plan, and two copies each of any accompanying documents.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).

17.34.110 Redivisions

A.    Unless otherwise restricted by resolution or city ordinance, recorded binding site plans may be further divided pursuant to the requirements of this Chapter.

(Ord. 6408 §7, 2006).