Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Created—Members appointed.

2.32.020    Authorized to spend funds.

2.32.030    Duties.

2.32.040    Powers—Organization of work and subcommittees.

*    For statutes affecting civil defense—See RCW Chapter 38.52.

2.32.010 Created—Members appointed.

There is hereby created the municipal defense commission of the city of Omak, to be composed of the mayor as chairman and such other persons, not exceeding eleven in number, as the mayor may appoint from time to time. The mayor shall designate one of the members so appointed as vice chairman who shall be the coordinator for the city. Each member of the municipal defense commission shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor or until the repeal of this chapter. (Ord. 160 § 1; September 2, 1941).

2.32.020 Authorized to spend funds.

The municipal defense commission is hereby authorized to expend whatever funds are appropriated to carry out the functions of the defense commission subject, however, to all regulations now provided by law governing this municipality. (Ord. 160 § 2; September 2, 1941).

2.32.030 Duties.

The municipal defense commission shall be charged with the duty of coordinating all defense activities of this city. It shall:

(a)    Coordinate the activities of municipal and private agencies cooperating in the defense program;

(b)    Keep in contact with the office of civilian defense to the end that all requests and suggestions from that office shall receive prompt and efficient response;

(c)    Conduct studies regarding defense problems of the city to the end that the municipal government of the city of Omak will at all times be abreast of the problems of defense, and information desired by federal agencies will be readily available;

(d)    Survey existing facilities, proffers of facilities, services and ideas originating within the city and make appropriate disposition of them;

(e)    Act as a clearinghouse on municipal defense information for all governmental and private agencies cooperating in the defense program;

(f)    Direct information regarding the defense program to all municipal departments or agencies which are or may be affected thereby;

(g)    Make recommendations, from time to time, for improvements in the handling of defense problems affecting the city;

(h)    Perform such other advisory functions as may be requested by agencies or departments of the federal government in connection with the national defense program;

(i)    Do whatever is necessary and proper subject to the provisions of Section 2.32.020, to carry out the intent and purpose of this chapter in assisting proper local authorities in the protection of life and property. (Ord. 160 § 3; September 2, 1941).

2.32.040 Powers—Organization of work and subcommittees.

The municipal defense commission may expedite procedure by organizing itself into subcommittees and may subdivide its work and prescribe such rules and regulations as are not in conflict with the provisions of this chapter. It may recommend, for adoption by the city council, training regulations. It may delegate the authority of preliminary hearings for dismissal of voluntary workers to the heads of departments.

The municipal defense commission may appoint additional committees to meet any emergency that may arise but shall report same promptly to the city council, which shall have the authority, at its discretion, to order the discontinuance of such committee. Any person appointed to any position created under this chapter may be removed by the appointing authority for any reason deemed by it to be sufficient. (Ord. 160 § 4; September 2, 1941).