Chapter 2.42


2.42.010    Authority and responsibilities.

2.42.020    Chief—Powers and duties.

2.42.030    Department duties.

2.42.040    Reserve appointments.

2.42.010 Authority and responsibilities.

The department of the city to be known as the “police department” shall be the primary law enforcement agency of the city, with investigative, arrest and incidental powers over violations of state and municipal laws, both criminal and traffic. In addition to patrol, surveillance, investigation and crime prevention, members of the police department shall perform administrative, communications, community relations, planning, records maintenance and training functions. (Ord. 1416 § 2, 1999).

2.42.020 Chief—Powers and duties.

The police department shall be headed by a chief of police appointed by the mayor. The chief of police shall administer the police department and a police reserve force and has the authority to make rules and issue orders for the proper functioning of the department, consistent with law, council policy, directives of the mayor and rules of the Civil Service Commission. (Ord. 1416 § 3, 1999).

2.42.030 Department duties.

The police department has all such authority, responsibility and duties as are normal to municipal police departments, including, but not limited to, maintenance of the peace, issuance of citations, arrest and detention of persons committing criminal offenses, investigation of criminal activity, establishment and maintenance of intelligence files, production of scientific evidence, crime prevention, animal control and such other duties as are set by ordinance of the city of Omak, or by the laws of the state of Washington. (Ord. 1416 § 4, 1999).

2.42.040 Reserve appointments.

There shall be such reserve police officers, with limited police commissions and appointments as shall be authorized by the chief of police whenever such appointments will serve and assist the police department in maintaining adequate police protection and other law enforcement services. Reserve officers shall perform duties assigned to them and shall have powers consistent with their limited police commissions and appointments. All reserve police officers shall receive such training as is deemed appropriate and shall perform such duties as are specified by the chief of police, but shall receive no compensation for performing such training or duties. The appointment and commission of reserve officers may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the chief of police. (Ord. 1416 § 5, 1999).