Chapter 2.44


2.44.010    Purpose.

2.44.020    Officers named.

2.44.030    Assistant chiefs, captain and lieutenants—Appointment—Removal.

2.44.040    Chief—Accountable to council, mayor.

2.44.050    Chief—Appointment—Removal.

2.44.060    Other officers—Election—Removal.

2.44.070    Chief—Duties and powers.

2.44.080    Membership—Qualifications—Removal.

2.44.100    Equipment authorized.

2.44.110    Equipment—Purchase.

2.44.120    Equipment—Housing requirements.

2.44.130    Alarm—Equipment for firemen notification—Provision.

2.44.140    Equipment—Use for private purpose.

2.44.150    Equipment—Uses permitted.

2.44.160    Equipment—House—Unauthorized entry.

2.44.170    Mutual aid—Agreement authorized.

2.44.180    Mutual aid—Call for equipment—City to be protected.

2.44.190    Badges—Issuance.

2.44.200    Motor equipment right of way—Personal car insignias.

2.44.210    Driving over hose—Causing obstructions—Regulations.

2.44.220    Following apparatus—Parking near fire—Regulations.

2.44.230    False alarms prohibited.

2.44.240    Riding on apparatus regulated.

2.44.250    Burning rubbish, etc.—Permit requirements.

2.44.260    Penalties.

2.44.270    Enforcement.

2.44.280    Compensation.

2.44.290    Board of trustees—Creation and membership.

2.44.010 Purpose.

A department to be hereafter known as the Omak fire department the object of which shall be the prevention of fire and the protection of life and property within the limits of the city of Omak is created. (Ord. 289 (part), 1955).

2.44.020 Officers named.

The department consists of a chief, two assistant chiefs, one captain, and other officers as the chief of the department shall deem necessary for the effective operation of the department. (Ord. 716 § 1, 1975: Ord. 289 § 1 (part), 1955).

2.44.030 Assistant chiefs, captain and lieutenants—Appointment—Removal.

The assistant chiefs, captain and lieutenants are appointed by the chief. They are accountable to the chief, and subject to removal by him. (Ord. 1159A § 1, 1991: Ord. 716 § 2, 1975: Ord. 289 § 1 (part), 1955).

2.44.040 Chief—Accountable to council, mayor.

The chief shall be held accountable to the council or mayor, and shall make written and verbal reports thereto as they may require. All other department officers shall be accountable to the chief only. (Ord. 289 § 1 (part), 1955).

2.44.050 Chief—Appointment—Removal.

The mayor shall appoint the fire chief for an indefinite period of time, and remove him at his pleasure. (Ord. 289 § 1 (part), 1955).

2.44.060 Other officers—Election—Removal.

All other officers, excluding the chief, assistant chiefs, the captain and the lieutenants shall be elected by the members of the department, for a term of one year, subject to the approval of the chief; shall be accountable to the chief and subject to removal by him. (Ord. 1159A § 2, 1991: Ord. 716 § 3, 1975: Ord. 289 § l (part), 1955).

2.44.070 Chief—Duties and powers.

The fire chief shall have the following duties:

(a)    The chief shall formulate a set of rules and regulations to govern the department, subject to approval of council, and shall be responsible to the council and mayor for the personnel, morale, and general efficiency of the department.

(b)    The chief shall at least twice a month hold meetings, conduct suitable drills or instructions in the operation and handling of equipment, first aid and rescue work, salvage, a study of buildings in the fire area, fire prevention, water supply, and all other matters generally considered essential to good firemanship and safety to life and property from fire.

(c)    The chief is hereby required to assist the proper authorities suppressing crime or arson by investigating or causing to be investigated the cause, origin, and circumstances of all fires.

(d)    The chief is hereby empowered to enter any and all buildings and premises at any reasonable hour for the purpose of making inspections and to serve written notice upon the owner or occupant to abate, within a specified time, any and all fire hazards that may be found.

(e)    Any person so served with a notice to abate any fire hazard or hazards shall comply therewith and promptly notify the chief.

(f)    The chief shall see that complete records are kept of all fires, inspections, apparatus and minor equipment, personnel and other information about the work of the department.

(g)    The chief shall report monthly to the council the condition of the apparatus and equipment, the number of fires during the month, their location and cause, and date of same and loss occasioned thereby, the number and purpose of all runs made and the number of members responding to each fire and other runs, and any change in membership.

(h)    The chief shall make an annual report to the council within one month after the close of the fiscal year, such report to include the information specified in paragraph (f) above, together with the comparative data for previous years and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the department. (Ord. 289 § 2, March 7, 1955).

2.44.080 Membership—Qualifications—Removal.

The membership of the Omak volunteer fire department shall consist of able-bodied citizens, sixteen years of age or older, who possess a valid Washington State driver’s license, have a home or cell phone and who have been approved by the department and chief after receiving and reviewing a criminal background check and driver’s license records check made by the city of Omak police department and having been found to be able-bodied by the chief and board of trustees after a medical examination has been made.

Any member of the department may be suspended or discharged from the department by the chief at any time he/she may deem such action necessary for the good of the department. On written request of such member to the board of trustees, he/she shall be given a public hearing on the charges brought by the chief. (Ord. 1574 § 1, 2006: Ord. 1339 § 1, 1997: Ord. 1159A § 3, 1991; Ord. 289 § 3, as amended by Ord. 469, January 7, 1963).

2.44.100 Equipment authorized.

The department shall be equipped with such apparatus and other equipment as may be required from time to time to maintain its efficiency and properly protect life and property from fire. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), March 7, 1955).

2.44.110 Equipment—Purchase.

Recommendations of apparatus and equipment needed shall be made by the chief and, after approval of the council, shall be purchased in such manner as may be designated by the council. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), March 7, 1955).

2.44.120 Equipment—Housing requirements.

All equipment of the department shall be safely and conveniently housed in such places as may be designated by the council. Such places shall be heated during the winter months. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), March 7, 1955)

2.44.130 Alarm—Equipment for firemen notification—Provision.

Suitable arrangement or equipment shall be provided for citizens to turn in an alarm, and for notifying all members of the department so that they may properly respond. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), March 7, 1955).

2.44.140 Equipment—Use for private purpose.

No person shall use any fire apparatus or equipment for any private purpose, nor shall any person wilfully and without proper authority take away or conceal any article used in any way by the department. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), March 7, 1955).

2.44.150 Equipment—Uses permitted.

The apparatus may be used for suppression of fire and for any other purpose for preservation of life. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), March 7, 1955).

2.44.160 Equipment—House—Unauthorized entry.

No person shall enter any place where fire apparatus is housed or handle any apparatus or equipment belonging to the department unless accompanied by, or having the special permission of an officer or authorized member of the department. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), March 7, 1955).

2.44.170 Mutual aid—Agreement authorized.

The city of Omak is hereby authorized to enter into agreements or contracts with nearby incorporated communities or other governing bodies to provide the members of such communities or organizations with fire protection protection or to establish a mutual system. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), 1955).

2.44.180 Mutual aid—Call for equipment—City to be protected.

No apparatus shall be hired out or permitted to leave the city except in the response to a call for aid at a fire in a neighboring community without the consent of the chief. The officer in charge of the department shall have power to assign equipment for the response to calls for outside aid in accordance with Section 2.44.160, and in other cases only when the absence of such equipment will not jeopardize protection in the city of Omak. (Ord. 289 § 4 (part), 1955).

2.44.190 Badges—Issuance.

Each member of the department shall be issued a badge designating his rank. (Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.200 Motor equipment right of way—Personal car insignias.

All motor equipment and all personal cars of the department shall have right of way over all traffic when responding to an alarm.

Each member of the department driving a car shall be issued a suitable insignia to be attached to the car. (Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.210 Driving over hose—Causing obstructions—Regulations.

No person shall drive any vehicle over fire hose except upon specific orders from the chief, or other officer in charge where the hose is used.

No person shall park any vehicle, or otherwise cause any obstruction to be placed, within fifteen feet of the entrance to any fire station or other place where fire apparatus is stored, or within fifteen feet of any fire hydrant. (Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.220 Following apparatus—Parking near fire—Regulations.

No unauthorized person with any vehicle shall follow within five hundred feet of any apparatus belonging to the department nor park any vehicle within two hundred feet of a fire. (Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.230 False alarms prohibited.

No person shall maliciously turn in, or cause to be turned in, a fire alarm. (Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.240 Riding on apparatus regulated.

Persons not connected with the department shall not be permitted to ride on the apparatus during emergency response activities. The fire chief may allow persons not connected with the department to ride on the apparatus during parades and other community celebrations, or for fire safety education and fostering community support for fire prevention and public safety. (Ord. 1819 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.250 Burning rubbish, etc.—Permit requirements.

(a)    Anyone desiring to burn weeds, trash, rubbish, etc., which does not cause or create a dense smoke or odor as per UFC, Article 11, Section 11.114, shall obtain a permit for burning from the chief or assistant chief. Fee shall be set by resolution of the city council.

(b)    The burning of debris, including, but not limited to, leaves, brush, weeds, branches and similar material from sunset to sunrise is unlawful. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars, in addition to reimbursement to the city for the cost of extinguishing burning debris.

(c)    The fire chief, through the fire department, may do controlled burns, within the city limits after sundown at his discretion. This will be done at the property owners request and permission. (Ord. 1418 § 3, 1999; Ord. 1097 § 1, 1989: Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.260 Penalties.

Any violation of any of the provisions of Section 2.44.070(e), 2.44.160 or 2.44.210 through 2.44.250 shall on conviction thereof be punished as provided under the provisions of Chapter 1.16, General Penalty. (Ord. 1819 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 1418 § 4, 1999; Ord. 289 § 5 (part), 1955).

2.44.270 Enforcement.

(a)    Officers Empowered. All regularly appointed and elective officers of the department are given the necessary special police powers for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this chapter.

(b)    Duty to Enforce. It is made the special duty of the chief of police, or other peace officers who may be on duty and available for fire duty, to respond to all fire alarms and assist the department in the protection of life and property, in regulating traffic, maintaining order and in enforcing observance of this chapter. (Ord. 1819 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 289 § 6, 1955).

2.44.280 Compensation.

The members of the Omak fire department, exclusive of the chief, shall be paid a sum fixed by the city council of the city of Omak from time to time for the following services:

(a)    In-house weekly training.

(b)    Emergency calls inside the city.

(c)    Outside command and tactical training that will benefit the city and fire department. The chief will use discretion as to type of training. All required training shall be in compliance with NIMS.

(d)    Assisting in city business such as transporting a truck or equipment out of town for repairs.

(e)    Fire investigations inside the city where extra manpower is needed.

(f)    Securing the scene of a fire inside the city until an investigation can be started. (Ord. 1819 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 1625 § 1, 2008: Ord. 289 § 8, 1955).

2.44.290 Board of trustees—Creation and membership.

There is created a board of trustees of the volunteer fireman’s relief and compensation fund consisting of the mayor, city clerk, one member of the city council, selected by the council, the chief of the fire department, and one member of the department to be elected by the members thereof for a term of one year, annually thereafter. The mayor shall be ex officio chairman, the city clerk shall be ex officio secretary of the board of trustees. (Ord. 289 § 9, 1955).