Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    City firemen enrolled in state plan.

2.48.020    Failure of fireman to make repayment—Refund to city.

2.48.030    Authorization to remit fees.

2.48.040    City retains right to withdraw from act.

*    For statutory provisions—See RCW Chapter 41.24.

2.48.010 City firemen enrolled in state plan.

The city council hereby provides for and authorizes the enrollment of firemen as hereinafter defined under RCW Chapter 41.24 laws of the State of Washington for the pension and retirement provisions therein. The firemen that are covered under Chapter 2.48 of this code for enrollment under said RCW Chapter 41.24 are any and all firemen who are now members or who become members in the future of the Omak Volunteer Fire Department who desire to and do comply with the provisions contained in RCW Chapter 41.24 laws of the State of Washington. There is further hereby established and shall hereafter be maintained a fund or allocation of funds from which shall be paid the necessary yearly payments by the city to maintain the enrollment of said firemen for the pension and retirement benefits under RCW Chapter 41.24 as now established or hereafter revised. (Ord. 327 § 1; April 2, 1956).

2.48.020 Failure of fireman to make payment—Refund to city.

In the event any member who elects to avail himself of the retirement provisions of said act subsequently fails to make his payments as required under said act, the amount of money paid by the city for said fireman shall be refunded to the city. (Ord. 327 § 2; April 2, 1956).

2.48.030 Authorization to remit fees.

The city clerk is hereby authorized and instructed to forthwith remit all necessary fees required under said act for the retirement provisions thereof to comply with said act on behalf of all of the volunteer firemen who qualified under said act and who elect to come under said act for the retirement provision thereof commencing with the year 1956. (Ord. 327 § 3; April 2, 1956).

2.48.040 City retains right to withdraw from act.

The city of Omak does retain the right to at any time withdraw the authorization for the volunteer firemen to be covered under the retirement division of Chapter 41.24 and the city does also retain the right to cease paying the amounts provided under said chapter. (Ord. 327 § 4; April 2, 1956).