Chapter 2.50


2.50.010    Composition.

2.50.020    Meetings.

2.50.030    Duties.

2.50.040    Records.

2.50.050    Quorum.

2.50.010 Composition.

The board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers will consist of the following: the mayor, city clerk, one city council member, the fire chief, and one fire department member elected by the members. (Ord. 1463 § 2, 2001).

2.50.020 Meetings.

Regular meetings of the board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers shall be the second Thursday of each month at nine a.m. in the city council chambers, Omak City Hall, Omak, Washington, unless there is no business to review. (Ord. 1463 § 3, 2001).

2.50.030 Duties.

The board’s duties are to include the following:

(a)    Enroll all new members under the relief provision immediately upon acceptance into the department.

(b)    Provide for the disbursements of relief.

(c)    Determine eligibility for retirement pensions.

(d)    Determine validity and direct payment for claims.

(e)    Send the state board vouchers for each person entitled to payment, stating the amount of such payment and for what it is granted. The mayor or chair must sign the vouchers (RCW 42.24.080).

(f)    The board shall conduct their business in accordance with RCW Chapter 41.24, laws of the state of Washington, and all sections appurtenant thereto and any amendments hereinafter enacted related thereto. (Ord. 1463 § 4, 2001).

2.50.040 Records.

The board secretary shall keep a written record of its meetings, findings and determinations, which shall be public records. (Ord. 1463 § 5, 2001).

2.50.050 Quorum.

A majority of the members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Any action taken by a majority of those present when those present constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the board shall be considered as the action of the board. (Ord. 1463 § 6, 2001).