Chapter 18.30


18.30.010    Purpose.

18.30.020    General uses.

18.30.030    Development standards.

18.30.040    General provisions.

18.30.010 Purpose.

The PS—Planned Shopping district is intended primarily for large-scale shopping complexes that include major retailers, grocers, chain stores, hotels/motels, and other businesses that cater to the traveling public. Planned Shopping districts should be designated in areas adjacent to major transportation corridors and be served by adequate urban types of utilities. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.30.020 General uses.

The district use chart, Section 18.11.050, sets forth those uses which are permitted outright, require a conditional use permit, or a planned development in the PS district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.30.030 Development standards.

Table 1.0, Section 18.16.020, sets forth requirements for lot size, building coverage, setbacks, height and density requirements for the PS district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.30.040 General provisions.

(a)    PS—Planned Shopping district general provisions: Prior to the adoption of an ordinance zoning an area PS, the applicant shall submit their development plan to the planning commission and the city council for approval. Such plan shall include:

(1)    Plot plans;

(2)    Traffic and circulation arrangements;

(3)    Schematic of the intended appearance of the structures;

Such an approved plan shall be binding upon future development of the zoned area.

(b)    All business service, processing or storage shall be conducted wholly within an enclosed building except for off-street parking and loading spaces, and for the sale of trees and nursery products, and for incidental display of merchandise during business hours only. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).