Chapter 18.32


18.32.010    Purpose.

18.32.020    General uses.

18.32.030    Development standards.

18.32.010 Purpose.

The primary purpose of the HB—Highway Business district is to accommodate businesses that provide products or services that require a majority of customers to access the business by automobile. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.32.020 General uses.

The general use chart, Section 18.11.050, sets forth those uses which are permitted outright, require a conditional use permit, or planned development approval in the HB district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.32.030 Development standards.

Table 1.0, Section 18.16.020, sets forth requirements for lot size, building coverage, setbacks, height and density requirements for the HB district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).