Chapter 2.22


2.22.010    Personnel.

2.22.020    Appointment of chief and his assistant.

2.22.030    Accountability.

2.22.050    Chief—Department organization.

2.22.070    Chief—Investigation of fires.

2.22.080    Chief—Records to be kept.

2.22.110    Membership—Full paid.

2.22.120    Membership—Volunteer.

2.22.150    Badges.

2.22.170    Car insignia.

2.22.210    Authority to handle equipment.

2.22.250    Election and duties of special officers.

2.22.260    Functions of special officers.

2.22.010 Personnel.

The department shall consist of a chief, one assistant chief, and volunteers that the chief and assistant chief may deem necessary for the effective operations of the department. (Ord. 1056 § 1 (part), 2000: Ord. 350 § 1(Art. 1), 1967).

2.22.020 Appointment of chief and his assistant.

The mayor appoints the fire chief as provided in Section 2.36.070 of this title. (Ord. 1056 § 1 (part), 2000: Ord. 654 § 1, 1982: Ord. 350 § 1(Art. 2), 1967).

2.22.030 Accountability.

The chief shall be held accountable to the mayor only, and shall make written and verbal reports thereto as the city council may require. (Ord. 1056 § 1 (part), 2000: Ord. 350 § 1(Art. 3), 1967).

2.22.050 Chief—Department organization.

The chief or his designee shall determine the number and kind of companies of which the department is to be composed and shall determine the response of such companies to alarms. (Ord. 1056 § 1 (part), 2000: Ord. 350 § 2(Art. 2), 1967).

2.22.070 Chief—Investigation of fires.

The chief is hereby required to assist the proper authorities in suppressing the crime of arson by investigating or causing to be investigated the cause, origin, and circumstances of all fires. (Ord. 350 § 2(Art. 4), 1967).

2.22.080 Chief—Records to be kept.

The chief shall see that complete records are kept of all fires, inspections, apparatus and minor equipment, personnel and other information about the work of the department. (Ord. 350 § 2(Art. 5), 1967).

2.22.110 Membership—Full paid.

The full paid membership of the department shall consist of such persons as may be authorized by the council and who are selected as provided in compliance with Chapter 2.36 of this title. (Ord. 1056 § 1 (part), 2000: Ord. 350 § 3(Art. 1), 1967).

2.22.120 Membership—Volunteer.

The volunteer membership of the department shall be limited to no more than fifty firefighters, and shall be able-bodied citizens appointed by the fire chief. A medical and physical examination in the manner prescribed by the Volunteer Firefighters’ and Reserve Officers’ Relief and Pensions Act, Chapter 41.24 RCW, together with any examinations the fire chief shall deem appropriate shall determine fitness for a candidate for appointment. (Ord. 1056 § 1 (part), 2000: Ord. 675, 1983; Ord. 547, 1977: Ord. 350 § 3(Art. 2), 1967).

2.22.150 Badges.

Each member of the department shall be issued a badge designating his rank. (Ord. 350 § 4(Art. 2), 1967).

2.22.170 Car insignia.

Each member of the department driving a car shall be issued a suitable insignia to be attached to his car. (Ord. 350 § 4(Art. 4), 1967).

2.22.210 Authority to handle equipment.

No person not a member of the department, unless authorized by a department officer, shall be allowed to ride on the apparatus or to handle equipment. (Ord. 350 § 4(Art. 8), 1967).

2.22.250 Election and duties of special officers.

The department shall elect a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, to be known as special officers. Such officers shall be elected in the manner and for any term specified in the rules and regulations. Their duties shall be to arrange for and manage any or all social functions sponsored by the department, and other duties as outlined in the rules and regulations. (Ord. 350 § 6(Art. 1), 1967).

2.22.260 Functions of special officers.

The functions and duties of special officers shall in no way interfere with those of the regular department officers who are charged with responsibility for all fire service activities of the department. (Ord. 350 § 6(Art. 2), 1967).