Chapter 2.40


2.40.170    Employee recognition program.

2.40.170 Employee recognition program.

The city finds that its employees are one of its most valuable resources and wishes to appropriately encourage and recognize dedication, loyalty and distinguished service to the government and community.

The city will provide recognition in the following areas:

(a)    Length of service awards for service of ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five and thirty years.

(b)    Distinguished Service. The mayor and/or city administrator may select city employees including volunteers for a distinguished service award. Nominations for distinguished service awards may be presented to the city administrator by any department head. The city administrator shall establish guidelines to assist management personnel in selecting nominees.

The maximum value of an individual award shall not exceed one hundred dollars. (Ord. 1380 § 1, 2013: Ord. 1064 § 1, 2000: Ord. 869 § 1, 1991).