Chapter 8.36


8.36.010    Permit required.

8.36.020    Permit form.

8.36.030    Permit issuance.

8.36.040    Penalty for violation.

8.36.010 Permit required.

No open fire shall be kindled or maintained within the city limits of the city without first obtaining a written permit, upon good cause shown, from the Othello fire department. (Ord. 674 § 1, 1983: Ord. 372 § 1, 1968).

8.36.020 Permit form.

The fire chief shall issue permits on a form as prescribed by the fire chief in accordance with the terms and intentions of this chapter. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations as stated on the permit shall render the permit void, and subject the holder to the penalty for burning without a permit. (Ord. 674 § 2, 1983: Ord. 372 § 2, 1968).

8.36.030 Permit issuance.

The fire department is authorized to issue permits under such circumstances as the chief shall prescribe in accordance with the terms and intention of this chapter. (Ord. 372 § 3, 1968).

8.36.040 Penalty for violation.

Any person violating any provisions of this chapter is guilty of an infraction and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined a sum not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars. (Ord. 674 § 3, 1983: Ord. 372 § 4, 1968).