Chapter 11.02


11.02.010    Street improvement plan adopted annually—Hearing.

11.02.020    Funding by sales tax revenue—Limitations.

11.02.010 Street improvement plan adopted annually—Hearing.

(a)    The city of Othello shall adopt a street improvement plan each year, which shall address the needs of both residential and commercial sectors, and shall be in the form as established by the city council.

(b)    A public hearing shall be set prior to adoption of the street improvement plan. (Ord. 722 § 1, 1985).

11.02.020 Funding by sales tax revenue—Limitations.

(a)    All funds collected from the city’s optional one-half percent sales tax shall be used to fund the adopted street improvement plan, along with available general funds and grants.

(b)    The city of Othello shall not adopt a street improvement plan which does not include balance between project cost and available funding. (Ord. 722 § 2, 1985).