Title 11


11.02    Street Improvement Plan

11.04    Street and Bridge Design Specifications

11.08    Street Obstructions

11.12    Driveways, Curbs and Gutters

11.16    Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance

11.20    Sidewalk Location in Residential Areas

11.24    City Parks

11.28    Access Standards for State Highway 24

11.32    Addresses and Street Names

11.40    Street Improvement Reimbursement Areas

11.50    Right-of-Way Work Permit

11.60    Right-of-Way Use by Telecommunication, Cable Providers and Open Video System Operators

11.70    Street and Park Trees

11.80    Complete Streets

*    For regulations pertaining to traffic—See Title 9. Cities of the third class empowered generally to construct, repair, manage and maintain streets and sidewalks—See RCW 35.24.290(3).