Chapter 19.03


19.03.010    Roles and responsibilities.

19.03.020    City administrator.

19.03.030    City council.

19.03.040    Planning commission.

19.03.050    Hearing examiner.

19.03.010 Roles and responsibilities.

(a)    The regulation of land development is a cooperative activity including elected officials, the planning commission, the hearing examiner and city staff. The specific responsibilities of these bodies are set forth in this chapter.

(b)    A developer is expected to read and understand the city development code and be prepared to fulfill the obligations placed on the developer by this code, particularly Titles 11 through 17. (Ord. 1308 § 1 (part), 2009).

19.03.020 City administrator.

The city administrator or his/her designee shall review and act on the following:

(a)    Authority. The city administrator is responsible for the administration of Titles 13, 14, 16, and 17 and associated RCWs and WACs.

(b)    Administrative Interpretation. Upon request or as determined necessary, the city administrator shall interpret the meaning or application of the provisions of said titles and issue a written administrative interpretation within thirty days. Requests for interpretation shall be written and shall concisely identify the issue and desired interpretation.

(c)    Administrative Decisions. The city administrator is responsible for issuing administrative decisions as set forth in Sections 19.09.030 and 19.09.040. (Ord. 1308 § 1 (part), 2009).

19.03.030 City council.

The city council shall review and act on the following subjects:

(a)    Recommendations of the planning commission;

(b)    Final plat approvals in accordance with the procedures for closed record decisions pursuant to Section 19.09.080;

(c)    Appeals of the hearing examiner’s decisions as identified herein, in accordance with the procedures for closed record decisions pursuant to Section 19.09.080. (Ord. 1308 § 1 (part), 2009).

19.03.040 Planning commission.

The planning commission shall review and make recommendations on the following issues:

(a)    Amendments to the comprehensive plan;

(b)    Amendments to the subdivision code, Title 16;

(c)    Amendments to the zoning code, Title 17, including changes to the official zoning map, which are of general applicability; and

(d)    Other actions requested or remanded by the city council. (Ord. 1308 § 1 (part), 2009).

19.03.050 Hearing examiner.

The hearing examiner shall review and make decisions on the following applications:

(a)    Subdivisions;

(b)    Planned development districts;

(c)    Rezones which are not of general applicability;

(d)    Applications for variances and conditional use permits;

(e)    Amendments and/or alterations to plats;

(f)    Petitions for plat vacations;

(g)    Appeals alleging an error in a decision of a city official in the interpretation or the enforcement of the zoning code or any other part of the development code;

(h)    Appeals alleging an error in a decision of a city official in taking an action on a short subdivision or binding site plan;

(i)    Appeals alleging an error in administrative decisions or determinations pursuant to Chapter 43.21C RCW; and

(j)    Any other matters as specifically assigned to the hearing examiner by the city council or as prescribed by this code. (Ord. 1308 § 1 (part), 2009).